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Something to keep in mind while vaccine slooowly gets distributed and new strains spread. Keep those masks on and up!
> Speaking to a friend when infected with the coronavirus could be as dangerous as coughing near them thanks to lingering particles, research has suggested.

I often wonder what my social interactions would be like if there weren’t the option to check out via your phone, even for 30 seconds.

This outage is NOT helping my case with the folks i just had switch. Some went back to WhatsApp already.

Can I trust flatpack on ? I'm hesitant to use something that isn't from the official site / repository.

One thing that’s coming out of the US shutting down conservative platforms is the sudden flood of interest in privacy tools. I have no proof but i feel like it’s happening. Thoughts, anyone?

There’s so many instances. Anyone have some suggestions?

Also, how does mast interact with peertube exactly?

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Normie: "Facebook is stealing my data through WhatsApp!"

Me: "How about you switch to a decentralized alternative?"

Normie: "Fuck that! I'll just make a mock account on Facebook!"

Me: "That won't do anything. They'll still know who you are through your phone"

Normie: "Then I will make a WhatsApp mockup account! They won't know it's me!"

Me: "Oh, really? Will you also provide a fake, probably stolen phone number too? Will you use a proxy, TOR, I2P, or at least a VPN to hide your IP address? Will you also route your DNS queries through TOR or at least a safe enough DNS server over HTTPS? Will you also root your device and spoof your MAC address, as well as your IMEI, phone brand, model, serial number, OS version, AND your WLAN SSID? Will also ALL of your contacts do the exact same thing, so that they don't know who is who and who is contacting who? Will you at least give a fake name?"

Normie: "... Fuck that shit! I'm switching to Telegram!"

Me: :nkoFacepalm:
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Finally purchased a hardware wallet. Now to wait for the snail mail...

Actively convincing my WhatsApp contacts to move to signal. Non tech savvy family members will be most difficult to convince.

@technoprenerd Is metamask safe, dependable? A lot of sites use it and I’m hesitant to transfer currency to something that sits in my browser. Currently don’t have a hardware wallet.

Any suggested mapping software instead of google?

Looks like Bitcoin crossed $41k. And just a few years ago i thought $900 was too mich to pay. Dang it.

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There is too much misinformation in the Linux community, to the point where even Linux veterans are even misinformed. That said, I've created a list of a few common misconceptions and their truths, all typed below. This also isn't like some of the Linux myth lists online that just include worthless garbage like "Linux can not play DVDs or any other media", "Linux can't play music", or my personal favorite "Linux can't open images" (all real examples from a list of "common Linux myths").

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