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salvete omnes Latine loquentes apud Mastodonta! fac me certiorem, quaeso, si mecum Latine colloqui hic velitis; valde gaudeam.

si quoque fautores/-trices linguae Graecae sitis, tecum colloqui valde gestio; Ἑλληνιστὶ μὲν κακῶς λέγω, κάλλιστα δ᾿ ἀναγιγνώσκω τε γράφω τε.

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Wise words from Princess Nausicaä on showing kindness to refugees and foreigners, 2000+ years ago: "But this man is lost, poor thing. We must look after him. All foreigners and beggars come from Zeus, and any act of kindness is a blessing. So give the stranger food and drink, and wash him down in the river, sheltered from the wind" - Homer, Odyssey 6.205-10 (tr. E. Wilson).

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If you need any recommendations, here's a list of my absolute faves:
- NES: puNES (
- SNES: bsnes (
- GB(A/C)/Genesis: higan (
- PSX: Mednafen ( (I used to use PCSX but had compatibility issues)
- DOS: DOSBox ( -- best to build from SVN:
- Windows/Linux/&c.: VirtualBox ( (but there's also Wine:

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I really like this and have to share with others. "Kyriarchy": "the general term for a social system which relies on systemic oppression, such as classism, patriarchy, racism, &c. &c." (adj. perh. "kyriarchical") (< Gk. κύριος, "lord" + αρχή, "rule") (thanks @emsenn!)

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(h/t @Tarale)

I'm here to meet new and interesting people, learn about new perspectives on the world, and forge bonds with people over various shared interests. People here have been so friendly and welcoming. I find Mastodon to be such a fun and exciting new frontier, and can't wait to see what seeds will bear fruit over time.


Speaking of games, why didn't I play Valkyrie Profile like 20 years ago when it was released? That game is amazing so far.

You've got to be kidding me. All I had to do to stop DNS leaks over VPN was uncomment a single line in /etc/sysctl.conf:


IPv6 doesn't seem to be leaking either, which is nice.

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U.S. Fascism, personal, FRIENDS: read this 

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Trying to kick this cold and thus resting up today. Helps to have two furry souls in the house as nurses.

Normally I don't repost Twitter statuses, but this is exciting news from byuu about bsnes v108, which is apparently imminent.

Apparently ROM hacking is more difficult than I thought. All I want to be able to do is dump the translated Spanish script and translate it to English, then create an .ips or .bps against the Japanese ROM.

Anyone able to help with this sort of thing? Not sure when I'll have time for it in the near future, but it would be nice to have, and it doesn't look like a huge amount of text in the game.

FYI, someone apparently just created a bunch of Fox News/right-wing Twitter repeater bots housed on -- looks like I have to mute a bunch more bots.

(I'd boost them to highlight this, but that would be counterproductive).

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You discover a forgotten underground city.
The ground is covered in broken books.
Why is this all here?

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If you are interested in ActivityPub, please watch this space for an announcement this morning.

*prepares announcement*

Someone should totally do a fan translation of the NES platformer Gimmick!, because its music sounds stellar. Hmm... someone made a Spanish translation that perhaps I could dump and put into English.

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My new bot, @SecretlyPublicDomain, highlights pre-1964 books that entered the public domain because their copyright wasn't renewed.

Until May, it wasn't possible to find these books on a large scale. Now it is:

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If it is public money, it should be public code as well. I support this call for more public code under a Free Software licence:

Up early and listening to my favorite video game music podcast (Singing Mountain). Good morning, Fediverse!

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This got weird. Hammerin' Harry - Ghost Building Company (1992, GB).

Just finished playing Chou Mahou Tairiku Wozz ("The Magical Land of Wozz," 1995, SFC). Excellent game and totally worth playing. (I've found it fun to post ending screencaps lately)

Home safe with the fur monsters. It was a lovely weekend. Hoping to recover from this cold sooner than later, though.

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