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Interesting new search engine called Infinity Search.

It could be more mobile friendly in the future.

Anyone know anything that will auto download videos (mp4 or mp3) from a YouTube channel once its uploaded? Useful documentation, thanks.

I hope @e_mydata doesn't let me down like AllSync did. I lost all my files and they probably could see the files in my account.

/e/ Cloud hopefully is safe and privacy friendly to hold me by for now.

Nothing like getting a warning from the /r/privacy moderators for some BS.

Im done with that terrible community. The people can be assholes for no reason and the moderators are something else.

Anyone know any good weather websites?

A feature with widget/embed would be cool. WillyWeather's widget would be perfect... if they were privacy friendly.

(One with no ads/trackers of course.)

Anyone know a good Firefox Send alternative?

One like or maybe.

One with enryption and no trackers what so ever. ruined it for me with Google.

Mozilla's "*privacy not included" page is honestly quite useless to me.

It seems like everything passes their "this product meets our minimum security standards".

PS4 for example. Everything passes yet PlayStation can view your unencrypted messages at anytime. That doesn't sound very PRIVATE to me.

The Tor Project: "If you donate $100 or more before 23:59 UTC (7pm ET) Nov 27, you'll be entered to win a Tor swag pack with a hoodie, t-shirts, and stickers."

Also The Tor Project: "valued over $650"

There is no way in hell 1 hoodie, 2 t-shirts, and some stickers is worth over $650.

I finally got my Keybase account back. They wouldn't let me reset my account at first (even with a verified email). But after waiting 7 days, my account was reset and I got it back.

RIP to all my chats I never got to check.

There are so many questions I see on /r/privacy that I have answers to, but I just stay away from Reddit.

I even see the people get bad replies and terrible advice from others.

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