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What are some trusted privacy website hosting companies? These "unlimited" scam hosting plans are killing me. Websites always get suspended due to dumb "over usage".

(Maybe even something that can handle Wordpress.)

re: selfie, ec 

re: selfie, ec 

selfie, ec 

@Tony I've been using their programs for a long time now. I love them.

People are just finding out that Google tracks your purchase history? You people are slacking. They've been tracking my purchases since 2014.

@one Only up to 64GB and has like no videos on it online. Definitely not something im aiming for.

Anyone know any good external hard drives? Possibly built in encryption. One that would guarentee to last and not die and give up on life.

selfie video; ec 

selfie video; ec 

Is there any free internet number services out there for calling/texting? (Privacy friendly of course) Real phone service like AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon are dangerous.

Does anyone know how trusty this VPN is?

"No credit cards
No Registrations
No logs
No ads"

"The extension comes loaded with fastest streaming servers, failsafe WebRTC leak protection, strongest encryption, unlimited bandwidth, and the capability to get past every type of geo-restriction."

@bin_sh It's sad how hard it is to simply get some privacy these days. You need a rocket science degree and some rare special phone from India to be able to get a custom OS it seems.

Maybe one day companies will get their heads out of their asses and stop being so money hungry charging us so much money for a device that invades our privacy. Those devices are being charged so much in profit to scam people.

Apple once cared for being affordable, but Steve Jobs died so they took over.

@bin_sh People who say iPhones can do more than Android are just uneducated in my opinion. Its like saying all Androids have shitty cameras, its not true. Apple is focused on their devices. Android is free and open source meaning any trash chinese place or company like LG can ruin Android reputation for noobs.

But I would trust Apple more than Google.

Apple to me is like owning a parental locked device. You don't have as much freedom. Unless you jailbreak, which is pointless.

This video is how I feel when Apple says I can trust them and that my privacy matters to them.

@Wetrix Yea no point in making money and having a life if there is no one to spend it all with.

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