Privacy friendly apps I found recently that I liked.

AIMP - A cool music player.

Typewise - A clever keyboard replacement.

Jellyfin - Software media system.

Maxlock - An app locker.

@andreas No no no, don't get me wrong, I NEVER approved of Bat Messenger. They seem very sketchy indeed and I find their app running crazy smooth for the claims they make.

You can read a review on the app here:

It seems to be tested. I wish the owner of the website would keep more updated on testings as well as do a test on Session, but don't know where to contact them.

I tried out Bat Messenger and its pretty good. Messages send well, and everything is fairly smooth. Sadly I noticed AdGuard was blocking Google Ads, which Exodus never seemed to pick up on.

If everything checks out with it, then go for it. But be careful for horny Indians sending nudes.

Hmm, so Signal uses Google Captcha now? Just another reason for me to avoid it.

For anyone who has never heard of the game Pocket God, I highly recommend it to anyone. It was sadly last updated in 2012 making it quite dated, but the game is fantastic still. No trackers, no ads.

I've played it for years. It probably never "blew up" because it wasn't like most games, it had no ads or trackers.

IOS and Android.

I ran into a new encrypted email service on F-Droid called CTemplar. Not bad.

@andreas Seems legit. Not the 10 times I tried it with temp emails.

Maybe they have a system that detects temp mail now or they just magically added email verification back.

I noticed ProtonVPN is requiring a phone number to sign up now. No more email verifications.

Just making the garbage more garbage.

@mister_monster I'm loving Session so far. I messaged the creator on Session about this cryptocurrency blockchain thing going around. Ill see what he says and get back to you.

I also got him to fix up the site a little since I saw some privacy concerns.

@mister_monster Blockchain? Not familiar with that honestly, but it doesn't require a phone number, email, or even a password. Just like Threema, it gives you a ID that can be used to add people. They say it runs through the tor network. Also decentralized.

Signal has many red flags in my opinion that I have no idea why people trust.


Requires phone number.

Based in USA.

Thats 3 things at LEAST.

Fines won't do anything to Google. They make that money back by continuing their actions.

Me likey this. The website needs some privacy work such as no CloudFlare or connection to other servers.

But this is great. Signal without the phone number or centralized server.

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