For anyone looking for a safe encrypted USB, I would recommend the Kingston DataTraveler 2000. I bought one about a month ago and everything seems great about it.

One con I don't personally like is that it the PIN is entered wrong 10 times, the USB will completly factory reset making it basically brand new giving the thief an expensive little USB.

The most you can get it in is 64GB (Kingston). There is a brand out there called iStorage that provides the same type USB, but not as trusted.

@makuharigaijin Here is a tip, never trust your data on someone elses cloud/server, in other words i'd say no.

If self hosting stuff isn't an easy access thing for you, then simply just get a safe USB/Hard drive to store all your information on. Encrypting that info is always great to.

Anyone know if there is some kind of anonymous/privacy bank out there? Maybe having a fully anonymous bank card like a visa/mastercard gift card. If there isn't why not?

@jonah TextNow is great, BUT they may contain some trackers, plus I havn't read their privacy policy.

@jonah I love Wire, always have, but it has its little issues (Not like Signal doesn't). I wish Signal let you sign up with a username/email tho, I don't trust that sign up with phone number thing, even if you're using some "burner number".

I use both to and don't even know why. If you know any free privacy safe phone number providers let me know because every single one out there seems to be flooded with trackers.

Which do you prefer? (With a reason would be nice.)

@Yeet Yea, all not worth losing files because some big provider wants to or just doesn't like that you encrypt on their servers so they can't snoop around on you like everyone else.

@Yeet Ive always loved Cryptomator, but I wish it supported NextCloud. I don't care if the files are encrypted on Google's bullshit. They can still access the files in my drive (encrypted ones), delete them without my permission and so on, which would defeat the purpose of having some encrypted vault that google could just delete in my account even if they don't know what is in the file.

I hate how my Google Drive has 215GB somehow, (never paid for anything on it) yet I don't trust storing anything on it even if it was encrypted. 😒 i cry ery tim.

RIP to Bianca Devins, the YouTuber that got murdered by her boyfriend (she trusted) then got pictures and videos taken of her dead body posted on Discord.

I have all of his DMs including the dead pictures of her, but im not even gonna bother posing any of them anywhere.

@jonah After I run the first command (while logged into root) it goes through, but when I do that second command in and look in the file, there is nothing that says anything about "pi".

Do I have to log out of the root account then do it?

@jonah Just to sum it all up before I go all out messing things up.....
(Be logged out of pi account?)

Then I would type:
usermod -m -d /home/glitcher32 -l glitcher32 pi

(With "pi" at end of command)

Then type:
export EDITOR=nano && sudo -E visudo

(Then replace anything in there that says "pi" with "glitcher32")

Anyone know how to change the default Raspberry Pi username "pi"?

I attempted to and ended up just removing the account and making a new one, but it messed up stuff causing things not to work the same so I had to reinstall the OS.

Can someone help me with getting a VPN on my Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)?

A trusted free VPN would be nice.

@mister_monster Damnit. I just saw this reply. I downloaded that shit for nothing, put my SD car in the Pi, and nothing happen. **triggered**

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