Probably not the place to ask this question, but does anyone know how to fix this YunoHost issue? When I try to add a new plugin, it says "Update failed!". Im guessing this is a php set time issue, but don't know where to find the php.ini file and edit it.


I just got this "old" ish ASUS desktop computer and noticed there is no Intel sticker, so I researched it online and found nothing Intel being in this computer. The only thing I see is something called "A4 Vision AMD". Does anyone know if it would have a backdoor like Intel's CPU?

@animeirl Watchdogs Legion was backed up by very trusted sources. Not sure if its fake.

@sourcookie I played Yoville (now called YoWorld) on that back in the day. It was my shit.

Can someone with Android Studio please build an apk from some source for me?

@pinkman @Notforyourdog @one Bitcoin is cool and all, but I feel like its not a common used as it should be. Harder to find people with that. Pre-paid giftcards have been pretty useful over years.

Anyone know any good PayPal alternatives? PayPal is just an asshole in general. Not sure if bitcoin would be a very useful option.

@atticus This old guide simply doesn't "stop" Google from tracking you at all. Just because there is some switch in the settings doesn't mean Google is gonna just stop operation on tracking you. Here is a tip, ABANDON THE USE OF GOOGLE! Abandon any company like Google, such as Facebook (Instagram and Whatsapp), Skype, Discord, ect...

@gpiano You could of at least gave credit to the original video creator before re-uploading it somewhere else.

@Rediikid No, but if you're really looking for a great free anonymous VPN just use Orbot. It has really seemed to have improved over the years. Not only is it a great VPN, but since its related with Tor, you can get on .onion links.

@jj After literally 16 hours of trying to get that shit to work, im going to sleep. I installed YunoHost 4+ times and tried so many different things and yet I still wasn't able to access the admin panel to get to the good stuff. I tried my local IP 192.168.x.x/yunohost/admin and got nothing. I tried using their subdomain with, nothing. I had no luck at all getting to that admin page.


@jj But with FreedomBox can you host any kind of website you want? It seems like you can only host the specific apps they give you? For example if I wanted to host a simple Wordpress website, could I?

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