Yay, I got early access to Revolt, an open source Discord alternative. πŸŽ‰

duck.com would be pretty useful if it didn't have this pointless popup every time you go to it.

I rigged up OneDrive and got 5TB for free. After that, I connected it with CryptoMator and im set.

After some work, I managed to add a encrypt/decrypt text feature to the privacy guide app because why not.

It of course uses no internet connection.

All this hard work developing the privacy guide app is energy draining.

Shoutouts to the BETA testers, you know who you are.

Working on a privacy guide app that will be sure to mention as much as possible for not only for mobile, but for desktop and even IRL.

The guide begins with having a threat model, and will get more in depth as it goes on. The app has no internet access meaning no trackers, and you can of course be fully offline while using the app.

This is the world we live in today.

This might look like some "joke" at first, but this is 100% legit.

(Video file was reduced to save server space. 10.52MB => 6.28MB, -40.32%)

Small update to the AllSync thing.....

I went to the "Privacy" setting page in the NextCloud panel thing for AllSync and noticed an Administrator account named "AllSync Team". NextCloud shows that they have full access to my files/data?

I reset one of my phones and made sure not to connect it to any network then bluetooth shared the needed apps over. When I was done I made sure NetGuard was enabled when I connected the device to WiFi and now the companies are non stop spamming me trying to get my data.

While looking for a PixelFed app (never found one), but I found something called Okuna (Used to be called OpenBook, but since Facebook owns the word book, legal blah blah blah name was changed to Okuna.)

It seems to be in early stages of development and its not even fully public yet. To access it early you must pay $11 USD. It seems like a cool privacy social media. The app does contain Google analytics sadly.

Their website:

Indiegogo link:

The system apps on my phone send data to the most sketchy websites I swear. Just adds onto my paranoia.

Wtf is shed.galexander.org ?

Is the Fairphone 3 free from Google? I can't help but notice all the pictures of the phone with a Google app.

Literally not one picture showing the screen doesn't have some kind of Google service.

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