People are just finding out that Google tracks your purchase history? You people are slacking. They've been tracking my purchases since 2014.

Been at work on a Android browser lately. No need to worry about trackers or Google services needed to run the app. A light-weight simple browser.

This (*offensive word here*) not only made a whole video pretty much going over the most basic Google settings to "protect your privacy", but he recommends using Apple, AND the video is sponsored by LastPass, where he recommends LastPass. Fuck this guy.

A spare Android device with Linux on it connected to a mouse and keyboard + a monitor = an affordable portable Linux device.

Small sneak peak of the glitcher32 Clean Superior app ive been working on. App has NO Google Services required and doesn't need internet. Best of all, your privacy is respected, meaning nothing is collected at all.

Google Play doesn't want to approve of the app because they're assholes, so an APK download will have to be done.

(Video was 50MB and was reduced to about 2MB to fit the 8MB limit.)

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