It's making so many promises and using so many big words, idk if I should trust it

I'd like to hear about your reasoning. I do think of how Snowden says he runs his own Tor node at home tho.

@alteredEnvoy Well for one, I think its a bad idea to have everyone sharing each-others IP address and traffic. People may do illegal things on your IP and give it a bad record or even get you in trouble. Also could use up your bandwidth usage possibly.

I had the idea to maybe run a Tor connection into it so that your real IP is never shared, but the device is not only expensive, but I just don't think its very smart for privacy.

Solid. Thanks for pointing out the ppl doing bad things with your IP part. I got in a little trouble bc of that once.

I was stupid enough to use some tor-like Torrent software and got in trouble for someone else downloading some porn. Got warning from my ISP, which is my University. Wasn't fun.

@alteredEnvoy You can use iknowwhatyoudownload.com to check an IPs Torrent downloads. VPNs usually have alot.

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