I added a link to my Mastodon profile to add me on Session since I like it.

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So apparently Session is a fork of Signal with some blockchain stuff or other built in?

@mister_monster Blockchain? Not familiar with that honestly, but it doesn't require a phone number, email, or even a password. Just like Threema, it gives you a ID that can be used to add people. They say it runs through the tor network. Also decentralized.

Signal has many red flags in my opinion that I have no idea why people trust.


Requires phone number.

Based in USA.

Thats 3 things at LEAST.

Yeah I checked out Session (based on your earlier share about it actually) and it looks alright, didn't look too deep into it but today I came across some interesting criticism I evolving an ICO and other things. I'm more of a matrix guy myself but always on the lookout for more messaging platforms so that I have flexibility.

@mister_monster I'm loving Session so far. I messaged the creator on Session about this cryptocurrency blockchain thing going around. Ill see what he says and get back to you.

I also got him to fix up the site a little since I saw some privacy concerns.

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