What are some trusted privacy website hosting companies? These "unlimited" scam hosting plans are killing me. Websites always get suspended due to dumb "over usage".

(Maybe even something that can handle Wordpress.)

@glitcher32 Can't you just host your own? I think offers an easy out of the box self hosting solution, either through a standalone box or as a Debian add-on.

@jj But with FreedomBox can you host any kind of website you want? It seems like you can only host the specific apps they give you? For example if I wanted to host a simple Wordpress website, could I?

@glitcher32 I am not sure about Freedombox. Yunohost is another project that does offer Wordpress integration.


@jj After literally 16 hours of trying to get that shit to work, im going to sleep. I installed YunoHost 4+ times and tried so many different things and yet I still wasn't able to access the admin panel to get to the good stuff. I tried my local IP 192.168.x.x/yunohost/admin and got nothing. I tried using their subdomain with .nohost.me, nothing. I had no luck at all getting to that admin page.


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