Anyone know any good external hard drives? Possibly built in encryption. One that would guarentee to last and not die and give up on life.

@glitcher32 all hard drives die. What kind of capacities do you need? I’ve been using a Seagate Slim portable drive for years now with no issue but I and countless others have had issues with other Seagate devices in the past. Luck of the draw! If I had to choose a new drive today 1TB or less I’d probably go with a Samsung T5 just to switch to solid state. Far more reliable, and faster!

@glitcher32 I don’t trust any hardware encryption. Look at the vulnerabilities in WD’s portable drives with hardware encryption for example. The only useful thing about it is (usually) cross-platform compatibility and maybe speed (but most CPUs have good encryption anyways nowadays). I just use FileVault because I’m on macOS only but if you’re on Linux or need cross-platform compatibility VeraCrypt works well.

@jonah @glitcher32 I fully agree with the sentiment that hardware encryption should not be trusted, use software tools. FileVault is a fine option if you are on a mac, if not most linux distros come with very good whole disk encryption capabilities (arguably the best available options these days, their auth mechanism leaves piles of room for any number of schemes). Portability is always a question mark but, you can put anything in a VM these days, so that's really not a bother on an external.

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