@glitcher32 Get rid of the app always telling me to turn on ad collection

@glitcher32 it's crowd City (when I'm bored with no wifi) and my phone is LG h33

@Rediikid Holy shit! That game has at LEAST 23 trackers in it! If you want I can go into the app files and remove all trackers in it making it safe and send you the app.

App report results: reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/


@Rediikid Nah im trusty. Tell me what you want in your app....

A regular version of the app without the ads/trackers.

Or a modded unlocked version of the game without ads/trackers

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@Rediikid Ok, give me some time to make you a personal modded version without any trackers and stuff.

@Rediikid Almost done with it for ya, one more thing, can you goto your LG devices settings and goto about and tell me the Android version you're on?

@Rediikid Took forever to upload, but everything should work.

Download here: glitcher32.ml/?dl=1bb88f03cb9b

(Will delete the download eventually since it takes up over 80MB of space on my server.)

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