I ran into a new encrypted email service on F-Droid called CTemplar. Not bad.


I noticed ProtonVPN is requiring a phone number to sign up now. No more email verifications.

Just making the garbage more garbage.

Fines won't do anything to Google. They make that money back by continuing their actions.

Me likey this. The website needs some privacy work such as no CloudFlare or connection to other servers.

But this is great. Signal without the phone number or centralized server.


I will no longer be using anything that requires a phone number. (Such as Signal or Telegram)

The virtual phone number I used for years from TextNow was magically taken away from me.

There goes any account with that number on it, and TextNow makes it impossible to signup or even login using a VPN or staying anonymous.

Just like if someones company uses Google, I will refuse to use it.

Anyone know a good free number place yet?


Way to strict.
Doesn't like you being anonymous or not using Google.
Will block your device if they simply don't approve of you.
Not even their web version is easy to login to when hidden.

Google Voice:

Requires Google Account (Which means, requires phone number/personal info)

Oh no, what have you started?

Interesting new search engine called Infinity Search.


It could be more mobile friendly in the future.

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