Anyone know of a good extended router? Im looking for one that has lots of fun settings to play with. Not one with the lame next to nothing features.

Features such as, DNS, IP forwarding, etc.

Is there a website/place that shows all websites/companies you should avoid that are NOT privacy friendly.

Kind of like how shows places you should avoid, but im looking for a place with more.

(Edited for more detail.)

Welp late night research got me to discover this newer BETA website.

(USES CloudFlare!)
I have contacted them about this issue and hope they switch to Let's Encrypt.

WARNING: After reading their privacy policy, they are NOT very friendly.

With how active I am in this community, I should be some kind of admin/moderator by now. :verified_red:

I just found out VirusTotal is owned by the devil. (G0ogle)

There goes my heart. :(

Anyone know a DNS like OpenDNS where I can customize/block websites and stuff like that?

(Assuming OpenDNS isn't safe.)

Ive never really played Fortnite before, nor am I really a fan, but notice its "free". Can someone analyze the privacy policy of Fortnite (or Epic Games) for me because I highly dout they would just make money off of in game purchases.

I think of it like how Android is "free and open source" but it was a great business success for it to now be world wide gathering data to Google.

Welp I guess I lost my Keybase account forever. Since I reset the phone I had Keybase on, there is no way for me to login or reset my account. I can't find my passphrase thing, so ugh.

Is it just me or are iPhones getting cheaper? Apple is playing with our heads because we're so use to them being more expensive.

iPhone 11: $699 - $849

iPhone 11 Pro - $999 - $1349

iPhone 11 Pro Max - $1099 - $1449

I reset one of my phones and made sure not to connect it to any network then bluetooth shared the needed apps over. When I was done I made sure NetGuard was enabled when I connected the device to WiFi and now the companies are non stop spamming me trying to get my data.

I found this odd-ish but decent looking social media. Worth a look maybe?

"The leading open source social network for Internet freedom. Earn crypto and free promotion for your contributions. "

The Android app does contain Google Firebase Analytics by default. (But could be removed in a modified APK). (SSL By Amazon, Has Google and Apple in background. Amazon name servers.)

@greyor @Wetrix Its sucks the best PixelFed federation ( uses CloudFlare. Not only can I never find a federation for these places like PixelFed or PeerTube, but there isn't even a valid app for PixelFed either.

It would be so time and live saving if at LEAST had a PixelFed federation. I understand that Mastodon is already a social media type thing, but still. It would be nice.

While looking for a PixelFed app (never found one), but I found something called Okuna (Used to be called OpenBook, but since Facebook owns the word book, legal blah blah blah name was changed to Okuna.)

It seems to be in early stages of development and its not even fully public yet. To access it early you must pay $11 USD. It seems like a cool privacy social media. The app does contain Google analytics sadly.

Their website:

Indiegogo link:

Android app for PixelFed?

I tried Fedilab, but it wouldn't let me login.

Is MEGA (File Storage Cloud) trusty? Ive seen nobody recommend it nor say avoid it.

They say things like "Privacy by Design" and "file and chats are encrypted with keys controlled by you". The only thing I see that that scam you up on is the bandwith usage BS. The "50GB free" is useless without unlimited upload and downloading.

Their website: (Uses Lets Encrypt, Doesn't appear to contain Google trackers.)

Does anyone know how trusty SpyProof VPN is? Ive purchased membership years ago and stopped using it. I still have the membership, but im not sure how trusty it is.

They're fairly popular and can seem a little sketchy at first, but its legit. The creator of it can be an ass when it comes to getting support or keeping things updated and what not. (NO HTTPS, uses CloudFlare, and uses Google trackers on website.)

The system apps on my phone send data to the most sketchy websites I swear. Just adds onto my paranoia.

Wtf is ?

Is the Fairphone 3 free from Google? I can't help but notice all the pictures of the phone with a Google app.

Literally not one picture showing the screen doesn't have some kind of Google service.

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