If there is any link/app/extension/etc. that I might be forgetting to add to the privacy guide app don't be afraid to let me know.

Any bit of information/sources can be helpful.

I am also putting the cons about places as well. For example, PrivacyTools.io uses Matomo for analytics, Bromite doesn't support extensions, or Wire collects certain metadata.

All this hard work developing the privacy guide app is energy draining.

Shoutouts to the BETA testers, you know who you are.

Working on a privacy guide app that will be sure to mention as much as possible for not only for mobile, but for desktop and even IRL.

The guide begins with having a threat model, and will get more in depth as it goes on. The app has no internet access meaning no trackers, and you can of course be fully offline while using the app.

It would be useful if someone made a custom version of Windows 10 that had a main focus of privacy and security. Maybe there is one out there....

I ran into this company called Secfone (or navayo?). They have an app that provides end-to-end encryption calls and messages. The privacy policy seems fairly clean, no analytics.

The only issue I found so far is their website doesn't have a secure HTTPS connection.

Things don't seem very updated probably because its not very popular.


I am proud to announce that I will be BETA testing a alternative to Google Photos called Stingle Photos.

Stingle Photos is a secure, zero knowledge photo/video encryption and backup application. Formerly known as SafeCamera.

Regular users will get 1GB of storage free, and can upgrade of course.

(Can't upload picture preview since Mastodon is being an ass.)

Ive been using invidio.us and invidious.snopyta.org as YouTube alternatives and honestly im very pleased. Unlike NewPipe, the subscription feeds actually show the newest videos you're subscribed to first just like YouTube does. I was able to import all my subscriptions.

They use googlevideo to provide the content (which is sketchy since that is a huge tracking issue), but there is a setting to enable proxy video, which I haven't fully tested for privacy.

Also a dark theme :D

The fact that the pages are fake directs lead on my suspicion more. I scanned the system app "VmosService" for viruses and here are the results. In conclusion, if you use VMOS, use the root to DELETE all Google and VMOS apps!

RedFinger app results:
CLEAN from Virustotal and NVISO

VmosService system app results:
is.gd/c8vqxt (Virustotal threat 3/59)
is.gd/qI09dE ("confirmed malicious")

(Toot 3/3)

So, the "VmosService" system app has full Android permissions, and after deep scanning it, the app can connect to a total of 3 websites, 1 of them is localhost which appears to be a error log collector. Another is xml.apache.org, but the 3rd one is called yytest.shouzhiyun.com/vmmaster.

After some research, and bad translations like "Refuse to phone no electricity!" Shouzhiyun (Redfinger) is some odd company where the pages lead to "/###"

(Toot 2/3)

Ever since I found that VMOS Android virtual machine thing, ive been doing some hardcore testing to ensure the privacy and security of users.

From the start, the app has Google analytics which isn't terrible and uses Lawnchair launcher and Pico TTS (By LineageOS). Since rooted, I force deleted all Google apps AND VMOS apps and noticed Android still ran perfectly fine after reboot.

Which takes me to researching a system app called "VmosService"....

(Toot 2/3)

I found this really cool app that lets you run a rootable Android emulator on your Android device. It literally like having 2 devices on one.

The app comes with Google analytics, but I simply made a custom version of the app without it.


Anyone know a good privacy forms maker website? Like JotForm.

Lately my PS4 has been showing a sketchy popup saying "For your security, please re-enter your password.", but I can cancel out of it without needing to enter the password and im still logged into everything. Probably PlayStation trying to trick me into sending it to them.

This dumbass literally sold their soul to Google for $5 (Starbucks giftcard) and this "Google fanatic" (as he used in his/her own words) has no issue with this at all and doesn't even think twice. Pathetic.

"I sold my face to Google for $5"

Can someone DM me a RiseUp email invite code if they have one?

I found this website which is interesting. It uses Let's Crypt, BUT I would still recommend using uBlock Origin on it since it has a snoopy Google in it.


I took the quiz and scored "Slightly above average at spotting privacy friendliness"

I have an extension that blocks CloudFlare, and recently I noticed when I visit DuckDuckGo, the extension is going off like crazy.

DuckDuckGo uses CloudFlare? :( Just more reasons for me to hate DuckDuckGo.

Public schools are a privacy nightmare in every single way.

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