RIP to Bianca Devins, the YouTuber that got murdered by her boyfriend (she trusted) then got pictures and videos taken of her dead body posted on Discord.

I have all of his DMs including the dead pictures of her, but im not even gonna bother posing any of them anywhere.

Anyone know how to change the default Raspberry Pi username "pi"?

I attempted to and ended up just removing the account and making a new one, but it messed up stuff causing things not to work the same so I had to reinstall the OS.

Can someone help me with getting a VPN on my Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)?

A trusted free VPN would be nice.

Anyone know the best privacy secure OS for a Raspberry Pi?

Seems like I wasted hours downloading Qubes OS to find out its to heavy for a Raspberry Pi.

Probably not the place to ask this question, but does anyone know how to fix this YunoHost issue? When I try to add a new plugin, it says "Update failed!". Im guessing this is a php set time issue, but don't know where to find the php.ini file and edit it.


I just got this "old" ish ASUS desktop computer and noticed there is no Intel sticker, so I researched it online and found nothing Intel being in this computer. The only thing I see is something called "A4 Vision AMD". Does anyone know if it would have a backdoor like Intel's CPU?

Can someone with Android Studio please build an apk from some source for me?

Anyone know any good PayPal alternatives? PayPal is just an asshole in general. Not sure if bitcoin would be a very useful option.

What are some trusted privacy website hosting companies? These "unlimited" scam hosting plans are killing me. Websites always get suspended due to dumb "over usage".

(Maybe even something that can handle Wordpress.)

People are just finding out that Google tracks your purchase history? You people are slacking. They've been tracking my purchases since 2014.

Anyone know any good external hard drives? Possibly built in encryption. One that would guarentee to last and not die and give up on life.

Is there any free internet number services out there for calling/texting? (Privacy friendly of course) Real phone service like AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon are dangerous.

Does anyone know how trusty this VPN is?

"No credit cards
No Registrations
No logs
No ads"

"The extension comes loaded with fastest streaming servers, failsafe WebRTC leak protection, strongest encryption, unlimited bandwidth, and the capability to get past every type of geo-restriction."

This video is how I feel when Apple says I can trust them and that my privacy matters to them.

Been at work on a Android browser lately. No need to worry about trackers or Google services needed to run the app. A light-weight simple browser.

This (*offensive word here*) not only made a whole video pretty much going over the most basic Google settings to "protect your privacy", but he recommends using Apple, AND the video is sponsored by LastPass, where he recommends LastPass. Fuck this guy.

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