Hi users, does somebody know how I can search for posts world-wide using keywords/hashtags? When I insert words into the search bar I only get results from my home server.

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Only buy an altcoin if it's so good that you will have no problems holding it for YEARS. Because that's exactly what you should be doing.

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A week ago Unbox Therapy featured the Librem 13 v4 on their channel youtu.be/hVcJgCvFuWo We had no idea they were going to do the review and were so happy that both Lewis and Willy found it "Simple, Clean. The most secure experience you can have." If you haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, which is nearly on 2.4m views, we've got a summary of highlights for you puri.sm/posts/the-librem-13-re #Purism #Librem #Librem13 #PureOS #Linux #linuxLaptop

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Hmm, every time you make a new account it feels like driving a new car, lol. You know the mechanics but it still feels different.

I'm happy to become a part of the Privacytools.io community btw.! 😎

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New release of #KeePassXC 😌.

My online life woul be much more complicated and inconvenient with out it.

Dont forget to donate some #Bitcoin #BTC to it.

Use #FOSS and take care of yourself.

#opensource #password #passwordmanager


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