During crypto bear markets, everyone is just in "for the technology". 😂

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We are on Mastodon because we support freedom of speech and social media without censorship.


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Yes, PayPal's announcement might seem great for crypto adoption, but if most of it's features are limited, what's the difference with traditional banking?

Controlled supply
Permissionless transactions

Paypal has NONE of the above.


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Librem 5 Visual Walkthrough

"With the Mass-produced Evergreen phone now starting to ship, we put together a video walkthrough of the launch software as well as an overview of the final hardware."


#librem5 #privacy #freedom

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Mastadon is clean might I say. Much preferable to Twitter. Hopefully its following grows to such which will take time of course with everyone "comfortable" with Twitter. But the more cyber conscience the better

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Librem 5 Mass Production Phone Has Begun Shipping

"Shipping the Librem 5 has been an immense multi-year developmental effort. It is the culmination of people’s desire to see an alternative to Android and iOS..."


#librem5 #privacy #security

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The worlds...
✅Full Node
😎Private Send/Spend
🤑Private Staking
📱Mobile wallet!
Thanks, RandoGraphic for modeling this beauty!
Get yours - zcu.io/ESXL
#ProofofStake #UserDataProtection #Bitcoin #BeYourOwnBank #googleplay

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Human Action is a libertarian & cryptocurrency apparel company. They are the official merchandising partner of the BPSAA


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The CryptoCurrencyCheckout is an official partner of the BPSAA.

An non-custodial eCommerce solution for cryptocurrency transactions.


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Alias! A brand new privacy project that's been around for 4 years!
Join Jason Dixon, AKA Titorelli, in talking about this innovative yet under the radar project.

Look Back - Look Around - Look Forward


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Buy and sell $Alias on Altilly
The Next Generation Digital Asset Exchange "



See other listings: alias.cash/exchanges/

#cryptocurrency #blockchain #dyor

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@gandalf86 @privacytools @purism I like monero. It's really big achievement for humanity. I believe privacy is fundamental right and no one should be allowed to spy on our financial transactions.

Though regulators really have a problem with this. And I understand that. I'd love to solve this problem but not at the expense of our freedom and privacy.

I believe if law enforcement can get a warrant from court and then ask the person to show their transactions is one good idea.

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Librem 5 Laptop Mode

"The Librem 5 can now change from factors easily. Connect it to a powered USB-C dock to enable desktop mode. Or connect it to a laptop dock to turn your phone into a fully working laptop."


#privacy #freedom #librem5

What is your opinion on anonymous ? Yay or Nay? Please leave your opinion in the comments! 😀
@privacytools @purism

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New! First-of-its-kind, #Alias #Android wallet is heading into a public testing phase!

#Privacy + #Rewards - including private #staking!

Test release coming mid-November.
Join our Discord!

#ProofofStake #XMR #bitcoin #ZEC

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The General Purpose Computer In Your Pocket


"One of the neatest tricks Big Tech ever pulled was convincing people that phones weren’t general-purpose computers and should have different rules than laptops or desktops. These rules conveniently give the vendor more control so that you don’t own a smartphone so much as you rent it."

#privacy #software #freedom

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ParticlV3 introduces a brand new functionality: UTXO splitting when making #anonymous #RingCT transactions 🔥

It lets you create many anon outputs at once so you can buy/sell multiple items on the #marketplace without hassle & with more #privacy 🚀


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Why wait 20 minutes for a transaction or pay over $3 in fees? Use $Alias and enjoy the freedom to #privately transact safely around the world fast (1 sec), with low fees ($.0001), & earn rewards! (5-15%)

#Private + #ProofofStake

#XMR #bitcoin #Zcash #ZEC

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Privacy has a new name!

Passionate about championing people's right to privacy, we have entered the world of Mastodon!


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