made a big deal about having Black Lives Matter on their banner...

Does it not matter anymore then?

Something went very wrong with my computer, heres a preview of my latest article...

Thank you all so much for 100 followers. When joining mastodon, I didn't think anyone would want to follow me, I guess I was wrong.

I'm getting so many of these emails. My email address is on some spam list and its knida annoying.

Ok so apparently this happened!

Thanks for over 11,000 views of my article. I honestly never expected it to be this well received.

As I have explained in other posts, I won't really be writing much this year. However I have recently completed an article on the origins of surveillance, so if you would like to see that then let me know.

Once again, thanks for the incredible support!

- Freddy

Trying to convince some people that "if the product is free then you are the product" is difficult.

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