Email has been discussed a lot lately. Perhaps it's because we all rely on it more during this period of lockdown. Maybe it's due to Hey being released? Or are we all realising that email is an old technology and we need to move on? Whatever the reason may be, people are talking about email; heres my take on it.

@freddyym ‘Hey’ looks interesting, but not zero knowledge like ProtonMail or tutanota.. doesn’t have a calendar, no custom domain support, and it’s more expensive. I’m not seeing the advantage.

@techygrue it has just been listed on , but I'm interested to see how it develops later on...


Thanks for writing that article! As a guy who's been running his own server w. email for ~23 years, it's great to see the idea getting new interest.

@freddyym Your point about using emails as a discussion platform gelled with me. Things like some #openstreetmap user groups still use email for that, which I personally find difficult to follow.

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