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This is helpful: an unofficial, FOSS, GUI-wrapper around @protonvpn’s Linux CLI.

“Wherever possible, the GUI relies on the actual code of the CLI, so ProtonVPN-CLI-GUI will remain up to date with ProtonVPN-CLI.”


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It's not clear how useful phone location databases are for tracking exposure, and underlying data is often inexact. Even two adjoining dots on a map "may be on different floors of an apartment building or on opposite sides of a wall,” argues Peter Swire.

Anyone in the UK, just a heads-up:

"The UK’s privacy watchdog has said the government can use personal data from people’s mobile phones to track and monitor behaviour if it helps fight the spread of coronavirus."

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Have you discussed with your children, who may be e-learning for the first time, ways to protect their online privacy?

Are you talking with them about password management and best practices?

Do you help them disable location services and unneeded microphone or camera access?

Are they being mindful of videos they post in group chats or apps?

#privacy #kids #school #COVID19 #infosec #parenting

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Defend Encryption! 🗝️

Black metallic EFF member shirts are back for a very limited time. Join or renew today

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The work on opening up the privacytools organizations continues, we are now busy creating a draft for sub teams. These will be focus groups meant to improve specific aspects of out project and community. It will make use able to easily coordinate other members as part of the Core-team, and lets us do proper rights management as well. (For example, the Artwork Sub-team does not need moderation rights on our subreddit)

Have a look!

P.S. keep in mind, this is a draft.

Only 10 days ago I was talking about how bitcoin's price had halved. As of me writing this it is worth $6,678.86. Nearly $1000 more.

I have no idea how to predict the crypto market, hats off to anyone who does.

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Call for students: Work on Nextcloud related projects together with Joplin! Read more details on how to get involved and develop some great features this summer at #GSoC 2020!

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“Tech rights” can’t even figure out how to use an SSL certificate. But sure, pretend he’s a news source for privacy.

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Calling all teachers! LibreOffice is a great choice for schools and education – it's free and open source, compatible with Microsoft Office, and you don't have to worry about license fees, subscriptions or software audits. Learn more:

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Software directories like list alternatives to proprietary tools and often sort by the projects' GitHub star count. Starring our GitHub repository ( is an easy way to help increase CryptPad's visibility.

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: face surveillance is not a responsible solution to a public health emergency.

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hold the fuck on. you're saying that google, the advertising company that pioneered the current wave of extracting as much "harmless" data from everyone as possible in order to more effectively market toothpaste to people based on racial profiling, and exists solely due to profits from said advertising... doesn't value my privacy

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