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A while ago I asked if the devs behind a project could affect how you judge the product.

Currently there is debate as to wether we should use because the creator refuses to do anything about hate speech.

At the end of the day it is a question of Morals. I am of the opinion that Hate Speech ≠ .
But there is no realistic alternative to .

What do you think?

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New @privacytools blog post especially for iOS users! ✨ Here's how to enable DNS over HTTPS using any custom provider, including the ones we recommend:

#iOS #DNS #DNSCloak

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@danarel @kev how is using a tool that used by someone else with a different opinion spreading racism. Racist also use cars, should we also stop using cars now?

In about a weeks time, my page is going to be very quite as I am taking a break from all this and focusing on work.
All that being said hope you have a great day!

I know I keep talking about it, but @samberry and I have been working on ocean radio for a while now, and it is coming along well.
We have an offer of a free pass on at the moment so stay alert for more notices.

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Anyone want to help with some somewhat tedious tasks? 😆

I'm trying to add i18n support to the site so we can get some translations up! But it means I need pretty much every English string to be copied to a separate file to be translated. Info @

After the whole Gab situation I wonder how much the devs behind something affect how you judge the product, regards to its functionality.

I found a twitter thread from the lead dev @GrapheneOS and it has made me more sceptical about the project in some ways, and also very intrigued to do more of my own research.

Have a read for yourself:

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Recently discovered a new privacy email provider, would be interested to hear your thoughts:

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Anyone else see where President Trump attacked the internet in a speech today.
"We must shine light on the dark recesses of the internet and stop mass murders before they start."
"The internet, likewise, is used for human trafficking, illegal drug distribution, and so many other heinous crimes. The perils of the internet and social media cannot be ignored and will not be ignored."

It's almost like the 5 eyes are teaming up to further destroy privacy and our freedoms.

Whats been your favourite article of mine so far? I'm interested to know so I can write more about what you really want to hear. If you don't like my articles also please tell me why! I will take any criticism. Leave some comments I'll try to reply to them all!

If you in in Australia then it would be great if you could inform your local MP to fight against the proposed Vic Roads, and instead to support the djab wurrung!

A friend of mine is running a festival in Wales, so if you are nearby (which is probably unlikely) then go and see some quality music!

Just discovered dark mode.
My god I have been missing out!

An interesting point about affiliates by one of the @protonvpn team. I have slightly edited it to make it more about every company.

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New Gab instance 

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This whole Mastodon fork of Gab is basically playing out like "Steamed Hams." Watch Torba try to pass off his site's complete lack of functionality as Aurora Borealis.
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