We overshare information; information that can be used by commercial companies, by political parties and by governments. Carissa Véliz is a philosopher at Oxford University and author of Privacy is Power. She argues that the harvesting of data is undermining liberal democracy.

@freddy This is the primary reason I've been killing old accounts and setting up this handle (x51) as an online identity disconnected from my personal self.

@x51 Good luck getting a reddit account with that handle.

@nar Ha! I have a variation I need to use for IRC and Protonmail. Probably won’t hope back on Reddit anyway. Maybe just as a lurker.

@x51 Yes, I have started using variations as well, but that also tends to isolate the different identities.

Good to see I'm not the only one paranoid. In a reddit mods group, they asked me to send them a photo of my passport with all the details except DOB and face blurred out. I was a little bit cross, but I explained to them how I am privacy-conscious, and I don't give out my information.

@freddy I don't even use my real name fit emails so I'm pretty hard but not impossible to find 😊📧

Besides the bank and the government I've repeatedly tried to find myself online and in happy to report I don't exist 😁🤓

@freddy Show this to the people who have all their personal information publicly available on Facebook or those who post every second of their lives onto Twitter.

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