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I'm Freddy, an amateur writer covering, privacy, security and open-source development.

Most of my toots will cover these topics, and I'll try to not get too political.

Part 2/?

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Among sus

A recreation of Among Us mechanics but as a multiplayer text adventure game instead of a graphical client.

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So it begins: Police will be getting access to UK test and trace data.

Yuval Noah Harari predicted it.

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Watch the hilarious new video @Cassetteboy made for us, about @BorisJohnson and the UK government’s technological hubris in response to the #COVID19 crisis.

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Finally I managed to find some stock photography of hackers which didn't have them wearing hoodies...

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@aral I get people having to work to make money.

But frankly, I think people working at those places should try to be looking for other jobs.

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CryptPad – Are you looking for an online collaboration tool (e.g. for writing text in small teams or organizing tasks on Kanban boards)?

Maybe, @cryptpad fits your use case:

There are public instances, e.g., or

We use it for organizing our blog.

#CryptPad #Collaboration #Tool

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The short of it is that it won't. Even if some governments bleat about it, strong cryptography will still come out of other states who don't ban it. People will continue to use what already exists.

I would also imagine that cryptographers wouldn't have trouble seeking citizenship in states with a friendlier relationship with cryptography in general.

These laws are about controlling US tech giants more than anything. Long live decentralized, federated networks like Matrix!

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Those who oppose #EndToEndEncryption oppose privacy, human rights, personhood, and democracy.

They are not your friends.

They are the ones who want what the Stasi never had: eyes and ears on everyone, all the time.

You lose this battle, you lose it all.

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tried OpenBSd for a while. often mistyped "doas" to "doass"

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