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I just noticed Elizabeth Warren has an old-timey accent.

Sometimes writing the code is easier than writing the test but I still aim to write the test.

Once I start refactoring it’s hard to stop. I want to organize things and follow conventions.

How do I determine if the user is logged in? I set the login status in the header so calls update the login status. Also I inject some into the page to set a variable with the login status so on page load I know.

You don’t really have a until you’ve implemented user authentication. The tutorials for are terse and sometimes out of date for web . Tutorials have trouble keeping pace with code changes.

Every is slightly different so I'm just going to have to write a little code for each that I process and extract content from. (These are public domain .) This is for the new project that I haven't released the details of.

It’s hard curl up with a Surface Pro and mine is getting old. I might get a .

It is surprisingly natural to do your own sentence alignment (split a paragraph into sentences) in . And I didn’t need a famed library. My code could correct for abbreviations in sentences so it actually performed better than .

I had an idea for a Saas product but then I found a website that solved the problem in a more clever and simpler way and has been acquired by a large company.

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quote from me in the news about twitter decentralization 

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Been on a diet for two weeks and proud to say I lost 14 days of happiness!

Throwing hatchets can’t be safe. I hope it doesn’t catch on.

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