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I have a dream that one day
down at the little pond
that little ducklings
will be able to join wings with
little geese
as sisters and brothers

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did you know ducks with feathers are just ducks without feathers with feathers

leave beefy elephant mastodon and switch to quacker™ so you can enjoy looking at ducks all day

happy holidays from your friends at the pond

duck is now in hiding

the americans eat birds on november 26th

duck counts all the ducklings to make sure they all get equal amounts of food

pro tip: feed the ducks so we harass other humans for food

its been 4 days im supposed to write something duck related but im kinda down 🪶

what would you do if i said caw caw instead of quack quack

im now sponsored by mcdonalds because they promised not to put any more ducks in their burgers

respect to the momma ducks who can manage 4 ducklings at once

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