@lachs0r I guess I could claim that the Ice Age is coming because of the snow storm we had in 2013 in Belarus.

Climate change is real, but don't use bullshit like this to spread awareness.

@dtluna Don’t worry, I’m only posting this ironically because it’s like one of those exaggerated clickbait headlines.

@dtluna Definitely not. I’ve had a cozy 32°C in my living room during the recent heat wave.

@dtluna Yeah, yeah I’m aware of the fallacy.

Anyway, no, I am not a “climate skeptic.”

I’m afraid my government (Germany) doesn’t really want to do antything about climate change though, which is extremely frustrating.

@lachs0r Lol do you expect a state to care about its subjects? You're livestock to the state and the state will care about you just like a butcher cares about a pig.

@dtluna Yeah they’ve been signing our death warrant in more ways than through fucked up climate politics.

It’s just a sad fucking shitshow that they’ve literally been subsidizing fossil fuels while cutting the budget on renewable energy, among other bullshit.

Some representative of a so-called democratic union (which gets the majority of votes every single time) has actually mocked students for striking and suggested they do it in their free time as well (???) if they want to convince her. That was part of a prepared speech, not just a slip of the tongue. And people literally applauded her for that line.


@lachs0r @dtluna To be fair, at this point there is not really much that can be done individually or collectively to halt climate change; barring something catastrophic like a nuclear war, we are on track for enough warming to activate quite a few climactic feedback loops, meaning more or less a collapse of society and massive disruption to most ecosystems within the century. This seems like less of a funny skit as time goes on: youtu.be/XM0uZ9mfOUI

@digicana @dtluna Well, governments have been warned with increasing urgency since the 60s (maybe late 50s), but big energy has done everything in its power to lobby and stay in business — which means they’ve made sure absolutely nothing is done to prevent the rise of CO₂ levels in the atmosphere caused for example by burning fossil fuels. As far as I understand it, the models used back then to predict the effects of that have proven to be quite accurate, and match our current predictions closely.

@lachs0r @dtluna Indeed, the ball was certainly dropped along the way. Or intentionally thrown off the court. But realistically, that is how humans tend to govern themselves; we can plan forward years and occasionally a decade or two, but certainly not centuries. Competitive little beasties that we are, most governments would happily solidify geopolitical advantage even if it meant a hundred years from now the entire world collapsed.


“there is not really much that can be done … to halt climate change”

Indeed, we can't halt it immediately. But we can chose whether to keep it to a mildly damaging small amount largely halted in a century or so or to allow much more damage over a longer timescale.

Whether it'd amount to a “collapse of society” is another question.

@lachs0r @dtluna

@edavies @lachs0r @dtluna We’ve likely baked in warming well past “mild damage” at this point and our foot is glued to the accelerator. Climate models are pretty adamant about this. Societal collapse is much more tricky to predict, so that is indeed speculative. But when you find yourself actually able to witness in historical time things that are supposed to occur over geological time (like a mass extinction event) and you discover that you are the cause, it’s a pretty bad sign.

@edavies @lachs0r @dtluna If you’ve never read the Pulitzer winning “The Sixth Extinction” by Elizabeth Kolbert, it’s worth a go. It’s a bit... unnerving.

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