Anyone tried the Librem 5 already? Looking for some reviews. 🙂

I'm looking for some good articles detailing the problems with widespread security camera's (CCTV/ANPR/...). Can anyone help?

My plead for using friendly communication is now already available in 3 languages: Nederlands 🇳🇱, Español 🇪🇸 & English 🇬🇧

Hey @privacytools I see you using Matomo as tracking. Do you like it? I'm considering it for my own website as well!

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De voorbije week passeerden we de kaap van €40 000, dankzij meer dan 200 coöperanten die hun data in eigen handen willen nemen. Het gaat vooruit, maar er is meer nodig om de lancering van onze privacyvriendelijke e-mail en clouddiensten voor te bereiden. >>

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La semaine dernière nous avons franchi la barre des €40000, grâce à +200 coopérateurs qui veulent prendre en main leurs données. Les choses avancent, mais il en faut encore plus pour préparer le lancement de nos services de mail et cloud respectueux de la vie privée. Il est temps de

I'm writing a journalistic article about the risks of camera surveillance. If you know any victims please let me know their story on

@asamonek For your reading list:
The book of why
Godel, Escher, Bach


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is one of the most recognised (not necessarily attributed...) products of Russian IT industry, powering most of the Internet as we know today.

Today police raidet Nginx office in Moscow due to a Russian portal Rambler filing a copyright violation claim on Nginx code.

Granted that Nginx was just acquired by F5 and in parallel Sberbank acquired large share of Rambler, it looks like a regular business-class extortion attempt to me.

Nubo, mail et cloud éthique
Nubo COOP mail en cloud op een ethische manier:

If you need to convince friend and families this holiday season of e2ee give this a try:

Feedback always welcome. 🙂

What's the best way to mirror twitter to my mastodon here?

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Hello world! from land of censorship and Internet's blackouts!

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Anyone tried Qubes OS here?

Looking for some user experience. On what hardware as well.

Anyone recalls the article where some guy details how it's in the capabilities of any intern at any telco with basic math knowledge and some coding skill to create a phone-network location tracker. Just by using the detailed signal strength data of multiple antenna's and triangulating. Google is failing me here.

I just published the English version of my own plea for : to restore our privacy together. Feel free to share it with friends/family it's written for a broad audience.

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Content from birdsite, may contain sensitive material 

ICYMI: We are hiring! We are looking for a part time Staff Designer 👩‍🎨 to join our team in Vancouver to work on privacy enhancing technologies 🛡️ 👀 ! Pay: $20.78/hour Hours : 10 hours/week Term : 6 month contract (initial) Full description & application details: …

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