I didn't even realize their Mastodon account was gone until this update. (To be fair, I've been away for a while.) This is truly unfortunate.

"Our experience with the Fediverse, and why we left"

They do raise some valid points. Although I will say that overall, my experience in the Fediverse has been more enjoyable than not.


They looked purely from privacy and security perspective, and it's hard to argue with their points... In terms of community however Fedi is attracting very interesting and friendly people.

@darylsun In the past few months I often had the feeling that they also were somehow misplaced on the Mastodon part of Fediverse. It might would have been better if they used a Fediverse-integrated blogging platform but 🤷

Besides that, I like how they "reverse burden of proof" their "reverse burden of proof"-claim 😂

Of course, it's an opinion piece and therefore they don't have to proof anything, but I think it's still funny.

@sheogorath @darylsun I agree that they are rather bloggers. But they have a very strong conviction of their position and therefore, rss seems to be the best.
It's sad because no one can comment on their blog.

Technically, they are taking Mastodon as the whole of the fediverse which is rather larger than that :-)

@darylsun Interesting. The Mastodon 500 limit is just to mimic Twitter. Nice, but there schould be a „extend“ button/feature to switch timo the limit of the fediverse. 1/x

@karlos @darylsun RSS is ok to sources like SpaceX. But commenting posts to my friends need a social media messenger anyway.

By the way, is using (slow) Email for save messaging and groups.
Why not using RSS?

@darylsun it does seem unfortunate they left the fediverse. Many of the issues they have with the fediverse are pervasive anywhere humans communicate. They could have stayed in order to "be the change you want to see in the world." I guess the technical/security problems were too much.

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