A few weeks ago, I reported an account from for the suspiciously rapidly-climbing number of people it followed.

This morning, I woke up to see that it tried following me *again*, under a different username but the *same* avatar and bio.

So, if you see an account with a bio that looks like this, do NOT accept their follow request. Block and report them immediately for spam-following. Make sure to send the report to as well.

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So, I got another spam account attempting to follow me...

I decided to hide everything from Overkill, I know, but until this spam-bot mess gets solved, they're blocked.

To block an instance, click on an account from that domain, select the three dots beside the Follow button, and scroll down to the last item: Hide everything from <domain>.

I don't advise this if you're following anyone from that instance.

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every other week or so I report a 'follower' like that for porn botting. They should blacklist badoogirls in bios already...

@FiXato Hmm... would that be possible? How would that work? πŸ€”

automatically deactivating the account or maybe even IP banning the user when a blacklisted word or URL is used while updating a profile, should be fairly trivial to implement server-side.

@darylsun I guess I don't know where some of my followers come from.

If they want to follow that's ok with me.

I'm surprised anyone follows me lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

@Wetrix I prefer vetting accounts if they're real people, but to each their own. πŸ‘

You post interesting links and nice photos, so you're cool.

@Wetrix @darylsun you toot a lot of privacy oriented stuff, I'm surprised you're OK with these accounts following you. Looking at your profile nothing is hidden, so these bots can see your follows and followers and everything you've ever said.

They could get a good chunk of the mastodon social graph this way and sell it, and statistically analyze your language to correlate you to other accounts you might have. Everything FB can do, on mastodon, a follower can do.

@mister_monster I'll assume you meant to tag only @Wetrix and not me, because if it wasn't clear, I'm not okay with bots following me. I've also hidden the accounts of my followers and following; only their numbers are shown.

As for my toots and other accounts, well... hmm... I'll consider what you've said.

You're tagged because you're in the thread. I should probably format better, but I usually don't remove handles from a toot that is involved in the discussion.

@mister_monster @darylsun yeah that's ok πŸ˜… I don't use Shitbook, Twitter or anything else and don't use my real name on the internet so I'm not to worried 😜

I've tried searching for myself and I'm pretty good at looking things /people up and I don't exist 😎🀘🏻

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