Researchers from Dublin reviewed the Google Play Services that are mandatory for Covid Tracing Apps on Android. Every 20 min they transfer:
- IP adress
- phone #
- email
- SIM #
โžก๏ธ So it's illegal, intrusive and affects large parts of the population

German bill provides network traffic redirection to install state trojans

We have delisted Firefox Send as the service is down because of malware issues.

When the service goes back up we will ensure it's meeting our standards before it is listed again.

When I see companies writeโ€ฆ

โ€žWe work remotely but only temporarily (due to COVID-19)โ€

โ€ฆI wonder if they heard the GONG! Working remotely is desired especially if you consider the younger generation (new workforce) that is coming.

COVID-19 did them a favor by forcing them to work remotely. Itโ€™s been the most obvious way to tell companiesโ€ฆ


Letโ€™s see when they get it.

Hi guys, anybody knows a good alternative to disqus, for managing comments and/ or reactions?
I have a static website and I'm considering enabling comments...

John Oliver succinctly explains why facial recognition software is so insidious, and why combined with widespread surveillance is so dangerous, even if you "have nothing to hide"


It's a mystery why some people still believe they've got nothing to hide. The good news is that Tutanota makes it very easy to hide your private emails from prying eyes. Check it out: ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’ช #privacy #privacymatters #privacybydesign

KeybaseIO was acquired by zoom. That company that uses malware-like techniques to get installed on your system. That company that *lied* about E2E-Encryption on their service.

Leave keybase _now_. Run, don't walk.

While everybody is staying at home, authoritarians are trying to undermine #PressFreedom. It is more important than ever to keep fighting for a #FreePress. That's why we donate Secure Connect to journalists:

27 years living off-grid on a self-built island homestead

The project started with a small float home that was built using wood that had washed ashore after a storm, and since moving into it in 1992, they've gradually added new buildings, greenhouses, and an outdoor dance floor to create a fully off-grid, floating homestead where they can grow most of their own food, earn a living as artists, and reduce their environmental footprint.


These kinds of links usually get taken down pretty fast.
A doctor talks about death certificates and how they generate statistics that affect out lives.

Legal back doors to #privacy sensitive data are a huge issue, in all countries but, of course, worse if your data is outside of your own jurisdiction, as protections are often minimal at that point.

Due to #COVID19Pandemic entire populations are being tracked and monitored. These measures could open the door for more #surveillance, strengthen authoritarians and endanger democracies. History teaches us that we must take this threat very seriously:

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