Police reportedly raided the Moscow office of NGINX after a Russian search engine giant claimed ownership of its extremely popular web server code πŸ‘‡
That's why it's important to work on your part-time projects outside of working hours.


Starting to go deeper into generative art.
My plan is to follow tutorials until I build the muscle to make my own art.


So far the most complicated is to "direct" or control randomness.

No to Chrome: a website explaining why you shouldn't use Google's Internet browser, and listing possible alternatives.

Everytime I hear a sentence that starts with: "It is known that..." or "It is believed that...", in my head I hear a ding πŸ”” ding πŸ”” warning ⚠️ warning ⚠️ , because I know that a corporation, or a religious organization, or a political organization is now making a profit thanks to that "belief".

I prefer so remain a sceptic and generally speaking, so should you.

Wheee, my first contribution to Ronin was approved:

I started to look more into computer generated art these days.

published new cabal releases!

the desktop has some minor fixes and a major version bump due to protocol changes

the cli has a TON of new features that have been lying in wait since this summer. you can now
* join/leave channels,
* see mentions, unread status,
* share the cabal keys via qr codes
and prolly a few more things

`npm i -g cabal`
or see the link below for the desktop release github.com/cabal-club/cabal-de

My bed time is at 11. But I’ll go to sleep at 11:05.
Because I’m a rebel. And a naughty boy.

@neauoire yeahh.. the official Open Source trademark is a bit weird. like, they have a really big beef with paritylicense.com/ for instance

@neauoire Might be in the purview of the Hippocratic license firstdonoharm.dev – I like the idea of specifying what to exclude. I don't believe FOSS needs to equate with 'usage by anyone for anything'.

Stop πŸ‘ Using πŸ‘ Facebook

So many reasons, why you should consider closing your #Facebook account. Here is a nice documented list:


More ethical alternatives to common services, find yours now. 🧑

Just discovered an online text editor as powerful as Photoshop: photopea.com/
And most of the code is open source at: github.com/photopea


ping @neauoire

TwoFold is written in
The testing suite is pretty huge, especially in the lexer/ parser, I really wanted to make it stable.

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