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I have been trying to conceptualize a Mycroft backed by a database. That way I can ask Mycroft what song I asked last week and it could tell me.

I have experience building skills for Mycroft but this is over and beyond what any of the documentation outlines. Is it because it's asking too much lol.

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If I had $40,000; I'd commission someone to make a NativeScript application that emulated some of the functionality of TikTok (namely the video creation app)

That said, we need more publishing tools in the open social Web that aren't "fixed" to a protocol (or, truthfully, can support multiple protocols)


This week will decide if I sell or start back using the iPhone 11 Pro I have. I stopped using apple after Android got MySudo. Since I can have nethunter one one device and graphene on the other.

WWDC Spam 

Dictation on device is the biggest and most exciting update since the first iPhone.

WWDC without the self serving audience claps. This should be interesting.

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i promise you that when you are on the streets and a thousand people are chanting in unison "no justice, no peace, fuck the racist ass police" you will not give one shit what some guy at the washington post thinks

Really liking the idea. Anyone interested in chatting on jitsi.

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Covid-19 got my state feeling like a geographical anomaly. Trying to get ram and ssd upgrade orders in and every retailer is saying 15 days is the fastest they can get it here. But if I change to another state its 1 or 2 Business days.

Using sed to clean a json file that's not really json is beautiful. Especially when the file is 3.1gb.

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I really don’t get #ESO
I need someone to train me on Elder Scrolls. I legit don’t understand it.

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I am thinking about streaming how I work with big breach data set. I get so many people asking me how I open 1+ gig data sets locally. I use my servers but it can be done locally as well with the same setup. So if your interested in getting into OSINT and breach data you might find it interesting.

Anyone interested in beings part of an OSINT Raiding Team?

I have to honestly say Open Streaming Platform was a great find. I am way more willing to stream if I retain ownership of my data.

Uploading all my breach data to one server and I still don't understand why Experian needs "Political - liberal Charitable Contribution" and "Political - conservative Charitable Contribution". Once on the big server I plan on using the processing power against that breach specifically to see what affects nonlending data has on US credit scores.

The fun I am going to have tonight uploading breach data from the last 5 years to elasticsearch.

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