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It would be nice to have community members to help moderate. Instead of just me. Moderators will be rewarded for their assistance.

Our community streaming server is now up. For those who are interested in an open source alternative to Twitch. I might do some streaming today and trainings to help people migrate.

We are thinking about offering VPS services. Since we are a nonprofit do any of you have commentary of pricing? I know I always think the pricing for ram at places like Digital Ocean and AWS is horrible.

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"We have recently released open source speech recognition library #Vosk 9 for Android ... It doesn’t require internet connection and Google services ... Supports 9 languages - English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese. More to come."


Hey Fedi,

Just purchase my ram update for my laptop of 64GB. This means that After tomorrow I will be looking to give away the current 32GB I am using. 2 x 16GB ddr4 260pin up for grabs. If you are interested DM me.

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A new research study from Tactical Tech, 'Smartphone as Lifeline: Designing Technology for a Changing World' considers how data-driven technologies can be designed for the real world.

I don't think their is enough research about the perception of time by the subconscious.

I have been trying to conceptualize a Mycroft backed by a database. That way I can ask Mycroft what song I asked last week and it could tell me.

I have experience building skills for Mycroft but this is over and beyond what any of the documentation outlines. Is it because it's asking too much lol.

I feel like it's the next logical step. Of course there are databases of our request to Siri, but we don't have access to it to query. With Mycroft I feel like it's our chance to push forward on memory and AI. I love my Mycroft Android app. And since I have been working with huge data sets I have servers with the space just in case compression of the data is not possible.

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If I had $40,000; I'd commission someone to make a NativeScript application that emulated some of the functionality of TikTok (namely the video creation app)

That said, we need more publishing tools in the open social Web that aren't "fixed" to a protocol (or, truthfully, can support multiple protocols)


This week will decide if I sell or start back using the iPhone 11 Pro I have. I stopped using apple after Android got MySudo. Since I can have nethunter one one device and graphene on the other.

WWDC Spam 

Dictation on device is the biggest and most exciting update since the first iPhone.

And it seems like he is speeding through. I feel like he doesn't usually talk this fast.

WWDC without the self serving audience claps. This should be interesting.

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The funny part is that there are 3 big names in driverless OS and none of them are compatible. So when you talk about sensors to see other cars or people the lack of uniformity is what will cause crashes in the future.

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i promise you that when you are on the streets and a thousand people are chanting in unison "no justice, no peace, fuck the racist ass police" you will not give one shit what some guy at the washington post thinks

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