If they are willing to fine a grade school for noncompliance, they will definitely fine open source projects. FOSS developers should get to know their obligations. Especially if they host a public version.

That being said i am willing to assist projects on their compliance roadmap.

I am not just saying this because I working in privacy compliance, but i am worried at the lack of privacy regulation compliance by many open source and FOSS project websites and the applications. Do we understand that FOSS is not exempt?

Its beautiful when you finally get full speeds on your internet. Ive been testing with multiple devices and finally the download speeds are there.

does anyone need a ram upgrade for a laptop that takes DDR4 2400 sticks? just upgraded all my machines and have 4 and 8 gb sticks left over.

Ok its official putting up a synapse matrix server with a riot installation is the coolest thing I've done all week.

Okay fine no takers on helping me understand what I just installed lol. Well I'll just dedicate the rest of the week to learning. The smsbridge looks pretty interesting.

The biggest problem with having your own servers is that you are always trying to see how easy new systems are to self host. So you end up with a lot of random open source or free tools that no one uses lol.

All services on MalcolmX are back up. Added 6 times the ram to the machine.

Is there anyone that can appreciate how hot it is in a server room lol. That was almost the hottest 30 mins of my life and its temperature controlled.

Okay MalcolmX is going away for 30mins. Be right back.

StealthDrop Git and StealthDrop are now on the latest versions.

There will be about 30 minutes of downtime for our services on MalcolmX. I are putting more ram into the machine.

Anyone interested in assisted me with preparing our gitlab for public use? I've been using it for about a year now but I think we should open it to the public.

I have multiple physical keys for u2f. Including one that is set up on our servers that requires physical insertion and activation before a user can login or run sudo.

If anyone is trying to get rid of GoogleDrive we provide cloud storage on our own servers starting with a free 10GB. With a full suite of collaborative tools built in. DM me if you dont mind me knowing you would like to sign up or just go directly to my.stealthdrop.cloud to register.

MySudo needs to hurry up and come out for the android platform.

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