"How the code regulates, who the code writers are, and who controls the code writers —these are questions on which any practice of justice must focus in the age of cyberspace. The answers reveal how cyberspace is regulated."

So if you depend on Google's and Microsoft's, Facebook's etc. products you are subject to regulations set by this companies and government controlling them. If you use free software you are subject to regulations set by wide community of people and you, if skilled enough, can change the laws yourself to suit your needs.

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This is true, which is why try to use #opensource updated within the last #4years tools, however some of the alternatives are too limiting for example I like @Mastodon however isn't nearly as much content or people on here as Facebook or even twitter.

But more importantly is integrations such as being able to post to multiple social networks, including #mastodon but because there isn't the integrations, people aren't going to use it.

It's a #chickenandeggsituation

@brombek of your well in the absolute broadest terms yes, but really no at the same time.

Open source also usually has alot of forks to suit what you need as well.

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