Today I learned that many/most color laser printers layer an array of yellow microdots on top of documents πŸ”¬

This Machine Identification Code encodes a print date and a serial number unique to the machine. It only became public knowledge in 2004, ~20 year after deployment πŸ˜‘

The Technical University of Dresden released a tool 2 years ago to layer on _even more dots_ to render the MIC unreadable and aid whistleblowers publishing ✊


Anybody firmware for my HP laser printer, please?

Wow this stuff goes deeper
Now I wonder if my printer would let me copy a note - I won't try it though since it is internet connected...

@brombek @douginamug even knowing what hardware your printer has is a major challenge. Manufacturers change hardware mid-run, and drivers or internal compatibility layers make the correction.

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