@lightweight I know right? Discord and Facebook can change at any time, and businesses might have to leave those platforms if those changes are undesirable. Email is an actual standard, will be around probably forever, and doesn't change nearly as much nor at the behest of one corporation (as much as Google might have you believe otherwise).

@kev Well, I guess we must disagree then, I think all forms of propaganda, including advertising, are terrible.
Advertising in particular is responsible for exacerbating the excesses of consumerism, and thus climate change.

@alva the last important event was at 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z

Reminder that git is incredibly simple if you learn it from the inside out instead of the outside in 

“But safety is only one attraction of in-cabin monitoring. The systems also hold huge potential for harvesting the kind of behavioral data that Google, Facebook, and other surveillance capitalists have exploited to target ads and influence purchasing habits.”


As the years go by I am less and less interested in claims about technology’s potential to save us from future tyranny than I am in understanding its failure to have prevented what we see now.

Some days I feel like advertising is just weaponized FOMO.

Other days I feel like advertising is targeted misinformation and disinformation, intended to confuse people and wear down their defenses.

All the time, I feel like advertising as it exists is bad.

I'm extremely wary of ML/AI/statistical automation doing things for me. They're powerful tools, but they should mostly be making explainable recommendations that I can decide to act on or not

Tools helping humans perform better is much better all around than tools taking humans out of the equation entirely, in almost every circumstance

getting old as a left nerd 

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So if you depend on Google's and Microsoft's, Facebook's etc. products you are subject to regulations set by this companies and government controlling them. If you use free software you are subject to regulations set by wide community of people and you, if skilled enough, can change the laws yourself to suit your needs.

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"How the code regulates, who the code writers are, and who controls the code writers —these are questions on which any practice of justice must focus in the age of cyberspace. The answers reveal how cyberspace is regulated."


I... I've spent almost two full weeks on getting this algorithm right.

They're aperiodic tilings of rhombs, which can be constructed through (de Bruijn's) method of multiple grids, which is effectively the same as projecting a 5/6/7/8/9, etc cube grid onto 2d. Shows up in nature as quasicrystals.

Tried to get this working in seexpr, failed miserably. Still spent like 2 days on getting something visible in #Krita.

I am so tired, but happy.

Browsers are big: gitlab.com/snippets/1724353

Let me add a few numbers to these points:

WebKit's JavaScript engine is 467,658 LoC (over 400,000 is C++) across 2,923 unique files
Layout, Rendering, JS APIs, etc: 1,115,597 LoC (over 900,000 C++) across 9,260 unique files
Embedding & I/O: over 337,139 (over 320,000 Objective-C & C++) across 3,402 unique files
"WebInspector": 203,318 LoC (over 150,000 JS) across 1,117 unique files.


@floppy My main scenarios aren't that Google will persecute, but Google's data stores are an excellent enabler for discrimination. Health insurance, future employers, banks, voter analyses, all of these can be seen as interested in Google's data troves and want to buy services. I think that's secondary, though, a layperson can't foresee all possible abuses of data, and new vectors may arise.

The only way to ensure data won't be abused, is making sure the data aren't aggregated.

@floppy So... he's not vulnerable, doesn't expect to ever become vulnerable in any capacity, and doesn't mind being an enabler for making vulernable persons even more at risk. Privacy is like a vaccine, it doesn't work on the individual level, it works at the crowd level. If only a few persons have privacy, given it is possible, then those persons become persons of interest for whatever actor collects data. 1/2

It's actually quite ironic that renewable energy activism tends to completely ignore one critical resource it uses that also happens to be non-renewable: the land surface.

The challenge here is that the best renewable energy source (solar) uses three orders of magnitude (1000x) more land than the best non-renewable (gas).

To replace gas with nuclear you need pretty much the same area. But to replace gas with solar you suddenly need to find 1000x more extra space.


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