@enkiv2 Seems like the problem is that the "alien invaders", as Charles Stross calls American-style corporations, will always subvert democracy. How do you even have a democracy that's full of super-human, amoral entities controlled by puppeteers who for the most part can't be held to account for the damage they do?

The Open Book Project

"The Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can build for themselves. The Open Book should be comprehensible: the reader should be able to look at it and understand, at least in broad strokes, how it works. It should be extensible, so that a reader with different needs can write code and add accessories that make the book work for them. It should be global, supporting readers of books in all the languages of the world. Most of all, it should be open, so that anyone can take this design as a starting point and use it to build a better book."


#circuitpython #ereader #opensourcehardware #arduino #DIY

Linux Kernels. Compiling 

Software websites 

extreme sarcasm, tech rant, don't open 

@myTerminal A c compiler compiling assembly that runs a javascript compiler that powers an engine that runs the javascript that implements typescript (which compiles down to JavaScript) as well as implementing a browser viewport that processes HTML and CSS down into a graphic rendering of, what effectively is a textarea with some coloring.

All to edit some text.

Progress! 😎

After my talk at the European Parliament today, I asked a question at the end of the second panel (03:35:47) and a corporate lobbyist attempted to tone police me (03:44:50). This was my response (03:45:06). If I’d been any younger he’d have heard “OK Boomer” :)


Python: We made this really great programming language, you should use it!

Me: Okay, hooray!

Python: We made a bunch of minor improvements, please rewrite all your scripts to use this new version!

Me: Uh, why? My stuff works. I'm busy. Leave me be.

Python: Use our new thing or we break your computer.

Me: Fuck you, I'm going back to writing C code.

@deshipu For me, it's not that I'm technophobic but that I don't get pulled by in as much by the tech industry's marketting or "hype". I understand technology, leading me to know how empty (or worse dangerous) most of that is and how much better computers can trivially be if everyone wasn't chasing lock-in.

Unfortunately saying that technology has to serve an actual purpose can look like technophobia.

"oh a computer could definitely be conscious for sure. a pity that would require at least a millenium of sustained, cumulative effort and we're gonna lose all progress and/or die in the next century"

Basically, I want an encryption machine that a non-mathematician can trust without having to put faith in anyone else.

"In my work with mature students, I have found that inviting them to consider collapse as inevitable, catastrophe as probable and extinction as possible, has not led to apathy or depression."


Thanks very interesting. i recently saw an ad poster by the german government pushing this so called personal climate responsibility, but in fact this chart and the ad both miss the industries responsibility and chances for saving up co² …

1988 Internal #Shell Report "The Greenhouse Effect"

This 1988 Shell report, discovered by Jelmer Mommers of De Correspondent, shines light on what the company knew about #ClimateScience, its own role in driving global #CO2 emissions, the range of potential political and social responses to a #warming #world.
This Shell document is a rare, early, and concrete accounting of #climate #responsibility by an oil major.


#Fossilfuel #ClimateCrisis #Oil #Gas

@freakazoid you know maybe the idea that you should automatically execute whatever program your browser picks up from the internet is a bad idea

rupol, Google, creeping tyranny 

Advertising contributes nothing to society. Remove it tomorrow and nothing gets worse.

Yet a digital screen at the mall often uses as much electricity as a household and a digital billboard can easily use more than 6 households.

So given the hell we're heading too, it'd be an obvious choice to just switch it all off.

"Ethical advertising" is an oxymoron

an thought:
if you reject all the imperfect in the present, you won't have the stepping stones to reach the gradually more perfect in the future

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