This is a good list of not only #infosec competencies, but just general #sysadmin type competencies.

I've dipped into plenty of these skills in just standard day-to-day #Linux troubleshooting.

What if we make all our devices in such a way that you can easily pull out an encrypted volume (e.g. SD card or SSD disk) containing all PII from it rendering it's state same as if it was "factory reset"? You could do this before you send it to be fixed or put on sale.

@IzzyOnDroid A surveillance capitalist like Google improving the privacy of their users is like a factory farm improving the welfare of its livestock.

Welcome to centralized Internet 🤷 A number of high profile websites are down right now, apparently due to a failure at Fastly (?)

Just posted an update on the Fund Us page for Small Technology Foundation. A big thank-you to our 86 patrons and to anyone who has donated. Patronage is currently paying half our rent (now we just have to find the other half) :)

#SmallTech #SmallWeb

A user has reached to us and asked that we check if all updates on her laptop were installed correctly.

When asked, she did clarify, that a Microsoft Office update has installed itself recently, and everything continued to work fine. Which made her suspicious.

Prefer something more visual? 📺
We sat down last year with @Snowden to discuss what this case means for surveillance around the world.

After having some work with MS Word:
WYSIWYG editors were invented by idiots for idiots. The idea of abandoning plain text editing for mouse editing BS is one of the pinnacles of human stupidity.

Before FLoC: My personal blog was not tracking or profiling any visitors; no JS in use, no 3rd party requests, no logging.
After FLoC: My personal blog is now a data point in in-browser profiling mechanism and contributes to my visitor's profiling.
I did not opt-in for that as a site owner, I can only opt-out now by setting some headers? Just having site on the web is now toxic... WTF?

@FreePietje could we just make a new internet and not invite google? is that possible?

@joeyh for me it has a darker feel of "(un)impressive things generated by a black-box statistical model no one can analyze or reason about yet important decisions are being made based on" :(

Several folks were asking about my Rolland MT-80S floppy disk boombox yesterday, so I shot a short video showcasing the device and some of it's features:


@kravietz Prosty dowód na to, że potrzebne jest finansowanie Kościoła przez państwo, aby zapewnić kościołom dostęp do technologii pozwalającej na lepszy montaż.

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