Mozilla Google budget screaming 

Something is just wrong here... Mozilla just extended its deal with Google (making it the numero uno search engine) for something like 400 million dollars PER YEAR. For the next three years.

That is 1.2 BILLION dollars from 2020 to 2023.

If you cannot run a freaking NON-PROFIT on 400 MILLION dollars PER YEAR that means:

a) You are paying your executives too much.
b) You don't know how to manage a non-profit.
c) All of the above.


Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@ParadeGrotesque I want to stop using Firefox now. Any suggestions for a better browser?

I’d love to have one that clears all data upon exit (ephemeral mode). The new MS Edge *gulp* does that, but I’d prefer an indie alternative.

@brianpagan I don't know if it does what you are asking, but #Vivaldi is a small company - mostly based in Norway - and hiring ex-Opera devs.

@matt thank you! Just downloaded it and am trying it out now. 🙏🏼

@matt and yes, Vivaldi has a setting to only keep history for the current session, so it’s all wiped on exit 😃

@matt Correction: it only wipes the page history. Cookies, closed tabs, etc are persistent. 😕

@matt @brianpagan I might have to try that browser out sometime. Does it run Firefox add-ons?

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@brianpagan when it comes to browser you unfortunately do not have many options. The browser itself is not really relevant, but rather the engine behind it, because that's what web-developers need to target. You can either use Opera/Vivaldi/Brave/Chrome and support Google, use Epiphany/Safari and support Apple or Firefox and support Mozilla. The current landscape sucks and there is not much we can do about it. 90% is Google anyways. We aim for a Monopoly.

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@JayVii_de I’m happy they got called into congress to testify to their business practices in that antitrust hearing. They’re the new Rockefeller and JP Morgan

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@brianpagan @JayVii_de

There aren't any perfect options for browsers unfortunately. The DuckDuckGo app for Android and iPhone can burn all the data with a single click which might be an option.

Have a look:
Https:// #NoToChrome

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@jamesmullarkey @brianpagan isn't that one based on Fennec or Chromium as well? (Either way, probably using geckoview, blink or webview on ANdroid and webkit on iOS)

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@JayVii_de @brianpagan

I've not actually been able to find any info on what the DDG app is based on. I even contacted them about it. If you've seen some in please let me know. I hope it isn't blink.

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@jamesmullarkey @brianpagan Looking at the sourcecode, it imports Android's webview in multiple occasions, so it is most likely based on Webview.

So if Playservice is installed, it uses chrome's blink directly. But it should be able to choose geckoview from the Android system settings as well when installed, *if I understood the project correctly*

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

@JayVii_de @brianpagan

Useful thanks. I notice @privacytools only recommend it for iOs


@brianpagan @ParadeGrotesque If you want the web to function, then your choices of engines are Chrome, Firefox, or Mac Safari. Pick your poison. Then pick a browser that builds on that poison.
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