Here’s a list of FediVerse alternatives that I know. :fediverse:

Fee free to add to it! ⬇️

Twitter: :twitter:
*Mastodon :mastodon:

*PixelFed :pixelfed:

Facebook: :facebook:



🥰 & human connection
🤩 team building
😍 & self-compassion


These are a few of the workshops that healer & guide @SherinWafaai now offers. Check out the website!

🅰️ Pixel pusher: does what they're told, without question
🅱️ : asks why?, and looks for a better way

Which are you? It's the that counts, not the job title. 💚

🥵 Interacting with & can provoke people’s .

🥳 We can prevent that with good !


Brief, clear, & actionable write up by @carabrashears ✊🏼

Also, as always, we are not funded by Big Tech or by so-called “tech for good/privacy orgs” that are themselves funded by Big Tech… we are funded by the people like you and me. If you want to help us continue to exist, you can make a one-time donation or become a patron at

#SmallTech #SmallWeb

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Creative is our backstage pass to each other’s subconscious, experience. 🥰

I'm looking forward to my upcoming talk on with the lovely folks at @GoforeGroup. Terve! 😃

When I heard that @sarahfrier is on @Walmart’s board, I thought “Ugh, sellout!” But then she said this: “If you want to do something good in the world, give something big a push.”

🙇🏻‍♂️ Thank you Sarah & @GreylockVC for this lesson in & .

Real don’t come from being better than human; they come from being a better human. 🙏🏼💚🧠💪🏼

The only difference between living life and creating is writing it down. 🎭

HT @donttrythis, Alex Jason, and Ben Pagan

much of ‘Design’, and especially UX and related tech-focused design, suffers from the ideological legacy of modernist-colonial ‘universality’, thinking that one-size-fits-all and that their size is the right size. It functions to do little more than smooth the way for transactionalism and capital extraction.

"@iamjohnoliver nailed it. Black hair is political This is the whole reason behind Your Hair is Cute." - Filmmaker @cintiataylor on @LastWeekTonight's episode on .

🎥 Your Hair is Cute:

📺 Last Week Tonight (on YouTube):

Breaks are essential for your !

This study by @Microsoft shows how brief between meetings helps us:
💁🏽‍♀️ Reset our brains
🙋🏾‍♀️ Stay focused & engaged
💆🏽‍♀️ Prevent stress

Now, you can read MindFolk's latest episode with @cintiataylor! 👉

I just updated the with care & love. Thanks for y'all's patience! 🙏💚

“Go to that place that feels uncomfortable or impossible. That’s where true happens.” @UxBeant

Have you ever drawn a cat on the top of your head? 🐈

We did! We’re learning about from @UxBeant in our inaugural workshop with wonderful 😃 ✌🏼 💚


👨‍🔬 @dastillman studied human conversations & found ways we can design things that feel natural to use:

in 9 elements:
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 People
⛳️ Invitation
✊🏼 Power
🔃 Turn-taking
🤝 Interface
🏃‍♀️ Cadence
🧵 Threading
🥅 Goals
💔 Error + Repair

So I still have to run more tests but, if you have an Atem Mini Pro (or if you use OBS), you can basically do what Streamyard charges you $49/month for (having guests) for free using

For us: → Browser → Input to Atem → Stream from Atem directly to RTMP endpoint (Owncast, Vimeo, etc.)

(It’s also free and open source under the AGPL license.)

#SmallTech #LiveStreaming

Software 👏🏼 impacts 👏🏼 people’s 👏🏼 lives 👏🏼

So if your decisions affect in any way, then you’re changing people’s lives.

HT @hdgarrood & @aral

"The fact that millions of people had to march for George Floyd to be treated as equal and human in an unjust system - that's not justice." - @AOC @RepAOC

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