Working on the last remaining parts of The Creative Field Guide: the introduction & conclusion 😉

I'm having a great time and feel grateful that the wonderful @cintiataylor is working with me as editor & coach! Thank you, Madame 🙏🏼


We can all get much better when we realize that life (and games) are not all zero-sum games.

Resource management? Sure. But not zero sum.

New drinking game (in Dutch) 🥳 Kijk naar mijn 5.5 min pecha-kucha en drink als je dit hoort:

🍷 Naja = slokje wijn
🥃 Eigenlijk = 1 shotje
🍺 Umm = 1 bier, ad fundum

😵 Dit overleef je misschien niet.

What a great way to start the week!

I’m thoroughly enjoying @deanbirkett’s workshop on for designers. Miro on the left for exercises, Zoom on the right for the presentation.


In today's landmark decision the #ECJ invalidates Privacy Shield. If the US wants to re-establish a similar agreement, they need to drastically change their surveillance laws. Thanks to #NOYB for fighting for our right to privacy!

Enjoying day 2 of our @uxacademyNL training on the basics of ethical 😃

Here are more English-language UX classes we offer:

Last month, members of CCC testified in German parliament about the importance of anonymity tools in technopolitics: "Encryption & anonymization services such as Tor are fundamental for secure communication & protection of information from unauthorized access. For people affected by repression or surveillance, it's essential that encryption methods and anonymization services are neither weakened nor provided with backdoors."

Read the full statement here:

“Hoe kan ik en gemak eigenlijk balanceren?” Over 45 minuten start de eerste digitale meetup van CRO Groningen, en we gaan vragen behandelen als:

Waarom is privacy nou zo belangrijk?
Hoe kan ik ethische keuzes maken?

Tot zo! 👇🏼

Now there’s scientific evidence: taking care of dogs’ psychological well-being makes us happier, less distressed humans 🐕

I’m honored & grateful to have taught my first Basics class yesterday! Together, we’re discovering how lawyers, software developers, writers, designers, librarians, & architects can benefit from learning UX.

Many thanks to @uxacademyNL & our amazing participants! 🙏🏼

Maybe I’ve not been saying it loudly or frequently enough for the last however-many years…

Privacy is not a luxury.

Same with accessibility. Neither are luxuries, they’re life-sustaining rights. And you’re unusually privileged if you’ve not had to care about either.

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Some of my friends could safely retire, meanwhile I've been living paycheck to paycheck until just a few years ago. 😂

Leo Snowpard is a book series to teach kids about & , so they don't end up like me. (until we )

Did you know that @Fitbit can track your sleeping patterns & whether you are having unprotected sex? Wondering what @google could do with this data, if they buy Fitbit?

Sign our petition to the @EU_Commission to stop the merger!


Thank you @gael for this @Fairphone FP3! I especially love the @efoundation stickers & your handwritten note. 🙏🏼😍✊🏼

May you be healthy & safe - warm greetings from the sunny Netherlands 😷 🇳🇱

We know that @Google used their Street View cars to steal data from people's WiFi. Now they want to acquire millions of people's data with @fitbit.

Let's stop this → Sign @privacyint's petition asking the @EU_Commission to block the merger. 👇🏼

Swedish data protection authority @Datainspektion bans video in apartment building stairwell & entrance:

📸 No current justification for video
🎤 Audio surveillance at home = intrusion
🙅🏽‍♀️ No informed consent or details communicated

We have launched a petition to ask @vestager to block Google’s greedy plan to buy @Fitbit. Time to send a strong message that our precious health data should not be big tech's next toy to exploit us.

Join the #NotOnOurWatch campaign at

is a right for everyone, not just a privilege for the rich.

@e_mydata sells affordable, , privacy-first smartphones. I just ordered a @Fairphone FP3 with pre-installed 😃.

As offices partially open, distance bias can alienate team members still working remotely. @sachaconnor gives 5 concrete tips for managers, leads, and team members to maximize location inclusion at work. 👩🏽‍💻

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