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Our existence here is to promote the work of the projects of the BPSAA which is an alliance.

This alliance promotes basic human rights in a financial future where cryptocurrencies will become an everyday reality.

This evolution does not come without pitfalls.

We are here to remind everyone that blockchain tech has to respect privacy, anonymity and freedom of choice.

The alternative is a totalitarian state that has immediate & irrevocable access to your personal finances.

Bitcoin is better than traditional financial systems but does not offer any privacy. The future of blockchain depends upon new technologies that provide users with privacy by default.

True decentralization is much harder to achieve than most people think. Pseudo-decentralization is on the other hand easy to sell.

This is why the BPSAA vets all projects to ensure they are decentralized, so we can all enjoy a fairer financial future.

Do you have an original blockchain project with focus on security, privacy and decentralization?
If so, consider joining the BPSAA and find out how we can collectively shape the future of blockchain.

The BPSAA is celebrating its first year anniversary this month.
💥 9 Projects
💥 7 Partnerships
💥 Non Profit Status
💥 100+ blockchain specialists
💥 Over 354,000 followers in social media 💪

“Lost coins only make everyone else’s coins worth slightly more. Think of it as a donation to everyone.” — Satoshi Nakamoto

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Our fundraising campaign for Changelly just got a massive boost from developer Jl777 who has pledged 50% of the amount we need, when the community raises the other half.

Let's go Pirates, full steam ahead...

The BPSAA is excited to announce BitTube as its newest member. BitTube is the 9th project to join the fast-growing BPSAA thinktank.

BitTube adds value to the Alliance with it's great team of experts & their censorship-resistant  technologies that match the ethos of the BPSAA family.

The addition of BitTube expands the total influence of the BPSAA to over 340,000 followers across social media.

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Around 8000 clients in Myanmar/Burma are connected the Tor network. This does not count the users connected by bridges to Tor.

In Briar all communication goes through Tor, to protect your identity.
To circumvent censorship, Briar gives you access to bridges in case Tor is blocked by your ISP.

In case of internet shutdown, Briar can use Bluetooth and WiFi to pass on messages to your contacts.

Learn more about Briar here:
#Tor #Burma #Myanmar

Unite against financial oppression. Join the BPSAA and find out what we do to secure your independence from central control and intervention using blockchain tools.

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The Financial System has proved once again that it is completely broken. This is why crypto is the future IF we take privacy seriously. Do not let crypto become a digital Wall Street with greedy bankers getting their hands on your crypto wallets.

Resist KYC, prefer DEX. Support Privacy, support Financial Fairness. We have no other choice. $ARRR

A lot of noise today about the shameful behaviour of financial markets that were shocked by a group on Reddit.

It goes to show that traditional finance is just a big scam with no consideration for the law or any regulation.

This is why blockchain cryptocurrencies are the future.

Blockchain technology is incredibly precious and useful for mankind. However, without any privacy features, it has the potential to become a state-control tool.

Do not let that happen. Join the BPSAA.

Do not forget that the BPSAA member ERGO is holding a virtual summit today shortly. They will be announcing AgeUSD and The Hardening Upgrade.
January 23, 2pm UTC

BPSAA member Pirate Chain has released its latest update. In this first edition of 2021, the Pirate Post features all the newsworthy events and updates of the past month, plus a couple of interviews, you do not want to miss.

We have a new member....they are.....darn, forgot the out for an announcement soon 😉

Check out the Cryptocurrency Beginners Guide published by BPSAA member Pirate Chain.

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