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Our existence here is to promote the work of the projects of the BPSAA which is an alliance.

This alliance promotes basic human rights in a financial future where cryptocurrencies will become an everyday reality.

This evolution does not come without pitfalls.

We are here to remind everyone that blockchain tech has to respect privacy, anonymity and freedom of choice.

The alternative is a totalitarian state that has immediate & irrevocable access to your personal finances.

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The Pirate Chain team in Miami for the Bitcoin Week and Shitcoin Conference in 2021.

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🏴‍☠️ KuCoin is now a Pirate exchange 🏴‍☠️

Kucoin is amongst the top 5 exchanges in the world and by far the largest exchange Pirate Chain ($ARRR) can be traded on to date.

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More than anything, the BPSAA is a think tank that strives to set an industry standard, for security, privacy and responsibility in blockchain technology.

ETHO Protocol will have it's first ever AMA, on Sunday May 23rd at 18:00 GMT.

The Development Team and James Reilly (ETHO Founder) will be answering all your questions.

BPSAA Member Burst is one of the most undervalued projects in .

- First to mine using hard-drives
- Eco-friendly
- A true DEX
- Highly talented team of developers

Find out more:

The BPSAA is excited to officially announce it’s newest partner, Opolo.

Over time, Opolo (with the assistance of developers from the BPSAA) will be adding all of the members coins/tokens to the highly secure Opolo Cosmos hardware wallet.

The BPSAA is launching a series of talks around privacy. security and the future of blockchain in the hands of the people.

The first BPSAA Podcast discusses Financial Privacy with Reuben Yap of the project.

Big announcement tomorrow about a new initiative that will help us to both, learn and educate.

Stay tuned...

Bitcoin is better than traditional financial systems but does not offer any privacy. The future of blockchain depends upon new technologies that provide users with privacy by default.

True decentralization is much harder to achieve than most people think. Pseudo-decentralization is on the other hand easy to sell.

This is why the BPSAA vets all projects to ensure they are decentralized, so we can all enjoy a fairer financial future.

Do you have an original blockchain project with focus on security, privacy and decentralization?
If so, consider joining the BPSAA and find out how we can collectively shape the future of blockchain.

The BPSAA is celebrating its first year anniversary this month.
💥 9 Projects
💥 7 Partnerships
💥 Non Profit Status
💥 100+ blockchain specialists
💥 Over 354,000 followers in social media 💪

“Lost coins only make everyone else’s coins worth slightly more. Think of it as a donation to everyone.” — Satoshi Nakamoto

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Our fundraising campaign for Changelly just got a massive boost from developer Jl777 who has pledged 50% of the amount we need, when the community raises the other half.

Let's go Pirates, full steam ahead...

The BPSAA is excited to announce BitTube as its newest member. BitTube is the 9th project to join the fast-growing BPSAA thinktank.

BitTube adds value to the Alliance with it's great team of experts & their censorship-resistant  technologies that match the ethos of the BPSAA family.

The addition of BitTube expands the total influence of the BPSAA to over 340,000 followers across social media.

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