@sudo @bazurk@mastodon.social @BlackWinnerYoshi @Tutanota i don't recall if gnome web supports any kind of samdboxing.

Over the last 2 years, onion service usability has become a primary feature of Tor Browser. The security and improved usability of onion services are the reason we can run an onion adoption campaign like #MoreOnionsPorfavor.

Read our latest blog post:

@bazurk@mastodon.social @BlackWinnerYoshi @Tutanota iridium is typically far behind on chromium security updates though, proceed with caution.

I'm an official team member of PrivacyTools now. :)

Whoa, is uMatrix dead? Last release was over a year ago, and looks like the repo is archived. I suspect efforts are solely focused on uBlock Origin now... πŸ€”



Does anyone know whats going on with Umatrix? The official repo has been archived: github.com/gorhill/uMatrix

@switchedtolinux p.s. im the community manager at ptio, in case you don't know ;)

@switchedtolinux hey there! I just saw your video, would you be interested in having a little thoughts exchange? Im reachable over both matrix, signa (leven wire if need be :p).
I do apologize that you you didn't see enough information about the addition of ubuntu, there is more reasoning which i would like to explain to you. Anyhow, i do agree on your points about the snapstore, and we are currently discussing about whether we should at a warning note against them on the website.

Invidious, critique 

@sheogorath fair enough, one youtuber, techlore, hosts his stuff at our instance though, so yay us?

Anyway, to my knowledge, invidious was always meant as a band aid. A way of watching content without directly hitting google ( if you enable proxying) for end users. Where stuff like peertube and lbry aim to replace youtube.

Invidious, critique 

@sheogorath you can consider using our peertube instance :p


@kyle i wonder, have you folks ever considered making a desktop based on power 9 like the talos 2 from raptor?

Support for v2 onion services will be removed from SecureDrop in February 2021. Journalists and admins, if you see this warning when accessing your SecureDrop, it's time to migrate to v3 onion services:


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