We still exist and we still update the site, we just forget to update this page a lot. Oops!

@kyle so, what are your current thoughts on the netherlands :p

Yikes, a scary email phishing attempt for this person’s GitHub credentials. Shows how using a browser web extension for your password manager can help detect this by its autofilling.



@juristi @Gina @Matter @Twelve @newt just get your granma an epyc 64 core for her word proccesing computer.

@Gina @edebill you can just install linux on them though :p, im hoping that lenovo brings out a thinkpad with a ryzen 4800u, 8 cores 16 threads on 15 watt tdp. Bundle that with some speedy 16 GB of ddr4 ram and a one TeraByte nvme M.2 storage, awwwwwwwwh yeah.

@bobzr @switchingsoftware the only reason that they currently only support pixels is because they are the most secure android devices. They also support signing the bootloader eith your own custom key, keeping verified boot intact. Graphene can be ported to other devices, but they lack contributers to do that.

@techygrue @Tutanota @freddyym the code is daniels, from the android hardening project, which got renamed into graphene os, now james is trying to claim it is his, and is attacking people who contribute to graphene os.

@techygrue @Tutanota @freddyym I am not part of graphene OS, i am part of the team behind privacytools.io, which is a nonprofit organization trying to educate the masses about privacy. One piece of evidence is by looking at the copperhead source code, their latest published version is from 2019. Right now all they do is litterly copy paste daniel code and put the copperhead branding on it. You can even see parts of the Graphene OS documentation on the copperhead website.

@tapaniraja @Tutanota after we posted it on reddit, wire suddenly removed their blog post about it ( click the link on their socialmedia about it, brings up an error.)

Ive also just reached out to nextcloud. Seeing how i cannot find ANYTHING about copperhead on their website or social media, im guessing the same happend to them as tutanota, its just a said attempt by James Donaldson to harm users by pushing his scam by using logo's from legitimate companies.

@tapaniraja @Tutanota 3/ now when i reached out to tutanota, they clarified they never had an actual partnership at all, eventhough they were listed like that on the website. So i explained the situation of what happend with copperhead, which tutanota was seemingly unaware off, and they notified me today they day have now asked copperhead to remove their logo from their site, which is a move i applaud them for!

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