Very proud of the decision by @Tutanota to be no longer listed on the copperhead OS webpage once they heard about the history of the company. I wish more companies were vigilant like this. Way to go guys!

@tapaniraja @Tutanota 1/ Copperhead listed tutanota on their partner page, which gives them legitimacy as tutanota has a good reputation. Thing is, tutanota never had a partnership, all that happend was that tutanota was asked by copperhead to use their logo as they come with copperhead pre installed, to which tutanota had no objections.

@tapaniraja @Tutanota 2/ the thing is, copperhead os is currently a shell company run by a scammer who kicked out daniel micay via a hostile takeover. Now, we ofcourse don't want to endanger users into buying these insecure phones. The problem comes in when a legitimate company like tutanota is seemingly supporting them.

@tapaniraja @Tutanota 3/ now when i reached out to tutanota, they clarified they never had an actual partnership at all, eventhough they were listed like that on the website. So i explained the situation of what happend with copperhead, which tutanota was seemingly unaware off, and they notified me today they day have now asked copperhead to remove their logo from their site, which is a move i applaud them for!

@blacklight447 @Tutanota This is why I like Tutanota. Wondering if Nextcloud and Wire are in a similar situation...Sounds quite shady way of getting "partners" and build trust.

@tapaniraja @Tutanota after we posted it on reddit, wire suddenly removed their blog post about it ( click the link on their socialmedia about it, brings up an error.)

Ive also just reached out to nextcloud. Seeing how i cannot find ANYTHING about copperhead on their website or social media, im guessing the same happend to them as tutanota, its just a said attempt by James Donaldson to harm users by pushing his scam by using logo's from legitimate companies.

@blacklight447 @Tutanota Just found the Reddit thread and Daniel's tweets. Crazy shit.

@blacklight447 @Tutanota @freddyym For the sake of transparency, are you part of Graphene? I know Daniel and James have issues, but it seems the hatred is always going from Daniel toward Copperhead, and I don’t see much from Copperhead attacking Daniel. How do we know he isn’t just a bitter ex-employee? How can we trust what Daniel says is true?

@techygrue @Tutanota @freddyym I am not part of graphene OS, i am part of the team behind, which is a nonprofit organization trying to educate the masses about privacy. One piece of evidence is by looking at the copperhead source code, their latest published version is from 2019. Right now all they do is litterly copy paste daniel code and put the copperhead branding on it. You can even see parts of the Graphene OS documentation on the copperhead website.

@blacklight447 @Tutanota @freddyym This seems a little strange. Why would they be taking code from Copperhead to paste into Graphene codebase if it originated with Graphene? Wouldn’t Daniel already have that code if it was his? I would expect more code going from Graphene into Copperhead if they were just using Daniel’s code. I’m not a lawyer, maybe I misunderstood the letters.

@techygrue @Tutanota @freddyym the code is daniels, from the android hardening project, which got renamed into graphene os, now james is trying to claim it is his, and is attacking people who contribute to graphene os.

@blacklight447 @Tutanota I just want a secure Android phone. I don’t care who writes it. I am concerned what happens to Graphene if Daniel stops working on it. Does it have enough developers to support it? It seems Copperhead has actual employees, so might be able to support the product while surviving the loss of any one person. Honestly I just wish they’d quit bickering and just focus on their individual projects. I don’t think they compete for customers, given people can’t download Copperhead

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