@switchingsoftware have you thought about listing graphene os next to lineage os on your site, its a security focused android rom which is open source :)

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Hi @blacklight447 πŸ‘‹

no, I wasn't aware of this. πŸ€”

Is there any short/visual introduction on how to get started easily? Just stumbled across the homepage and there are no screenshots, or anything but walls of text πŸ˜…

@blacklight447 Don't unlocking bootloader void warranty? I have seen an image in video saying it doesn't, but is that true?

@blacklight447 @switchingsoftware
Graphene OS claim "No Google apps or services, but you have to get a Google phone to use it, in fact only Pixel phones are supported. :( And no I won't buy a pixel, better use /e/ OS.

@bobzr @switchingsoftware the only reason that they currently only support pixels is because they are the most secure android devices. They also support signing the bootloader eith your own custom key, keeping verified boot intact. Graphene can be ported to other devices, but they lack contributers to do that.

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