Dear PrivacyTools community, after a lot of work during the past few months, we are proud to present our new email page.

It now comes with a neat criteria section, and a ton of other information. Major shout out to our team member daniel for being the driving force behind this assignment :)

Go take a look and enjoy!



All thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated, same for boosts ;)

Maybe you want to consider linking the webpage as an alternative ressource for people that want to dig more into the topic. On that website there is an exhaustive list of email providers in a table where one can compare emailservices side by side.


@d599f84e i would have to think about that one, we really did our best to make the page minimal enough to make it easy to choose from without being overwhelmed by information, whilr also being informative.

Sure, no pressure! In the end it's still your website, not mine :)

@d599f84e more like our website, remember, we are a community project :)

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