The internet was intended to be a free and open space to share information, but tracking, surveillance, and censorship are widespread online.

Let's take back the internet. #TakeBacktheInternet

@torproject LIARS.


Fucking crypto-nazis and cyber-imperalists hegemonists.

Shall I refresh your fucking memory about what happened at the 34C3 ?


@blacklight447 @torproject The persons in power already have all the informations regarding my publication, and the solution I have found.

Again, what I condemn here is the hypocrisy and the double standard.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Instead of being a full hypocrite, as a Crypto-Anarchist, I value fair, egalitarian, and ballanced cyber-power models for all nations. I am in favor of anonymity, and in favor of cyber-powers allowing to break it, under very specific tracable, accountable

@blacklight447 @torproject conditions, and all my studies on cyber-powers genesis demonstrated that this is simply currently not possible in the current technological contexte, even from the point of view of the USA themselves.

It is even worse for all other nations. These discriminations and the impossibility to create accountable and garanteed cyber-powers in the current technological context is my main claim.

@blacklight447 @torproject There is currently no way to express a specific cyber-power with complex and garanteed and accountable conditions, and with space and time dimensions conditions.

All this create u huge mess at international level, and it is the root primary cause of cyber-chaos. The backdoor concept is outdated, there are much better alternatives.

But this means changing completely of cyberspace architecture, and rehtinking completely the concept of personnal computer.

@blacklight447 @torproject And all my research on cyber-power genesis are known by all the power that be, I am spied on has hell due to my Antitrust complaint against the cartel of Amazon and Postal Operators in 8 countries and everybody know why I am indignated by the hypocrisy of Tor team regarding anonymity.

What happened at 34C3 is just an unacceptable hypocrite double standard, and the clear sign of cyber-imperialism and cyber-hegemony.

@blacklight447 @torproject I have worked hard these last past years on cyberspaces theories, and have succesfuly demonstrated that it is not currently possible to express any kind of cyber-powers in an accountable form, neither it is possible to condition them to variables dealing with space (position in space) and time, not it is possible to garantee other kinds of conditions, and to make all this accountable.

My positions are known.
But the global hypocrisy remains.

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