It seems that during our , we finally broke our 15 dollar goal on librapay, which means we will be able to fully run on donations! We now get a generous 18.11$ a week from 13 different patrons!

I would like to issue a thank you to all involved into making this happen, and a special thank you to our generous backers.

Now, lets continue what we do best at, and spread privacy under the masses.

Thank you, PTIO community!

P.s. here is the link:

To the donater who just now also became a backer and upped us to 23.87$, thank you! :D

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@blacklight447 there isn't a PTIO account? I think that would be very beneficial for the project. It would be an account someone from the community (like yourself) controls which you'd boost, instead of using your personal account. But that's my personal opinion 😎

@RyuKurisu we have an account, but im logged into this one so im able to post the latest news faster like this.
Anyway, as im the community manager, it might indeed be a good idea if i started using that account more, thank you for the idea!

@blacklight447 I don't know if/what app you use for Mastodon, but most support logging into multiple accounts. My personal preference is to use @fedilab 😎

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