As part of our plan to overhaul our VPN section at, we can now proudly present our now VPN layout:

Note that we can still add a few refinements later on. Also at the end of 2019 we will re investigate all vpns listed, and lock the amount of providers we recommend to 3.
What do you all think?

First look this is a gorgeous new layout. It will really help the creation of the new privacy skill on Mycroft AI.

Actually I think I will use this new layout on the stream tonight and program some new intents for VPN provider info.

@blacklight447 I’m curious as to how PIA stacks up against the recommended 3.

@me PIA does not meet two of our criteria: It has not been independently audited, and it's a US company.

The US has good consumer protection laws, and PIA has held up their claims in court in the past, but being within the Five Eyes makes it far likelier your data will be caught up in an NSA surveillance dragnet. For PTIO users we decided that was an important criteria, but other than that PIA seems to be relatively better than lots of contenders, just not our recommendations, IMHO.

@blacklight447 definitely like the categorical breakdown, and explanations rather than just listing those that have met the prescribed criteria alone .... assume it’s following the structure of this review ?

@botta we were definitely inspired by their work (and especially their desire for independent security audits in the VPN industry), although we had differing criteria (notably our stance on Five Eyes countries) so we reached a bit of a different conclusion πŸ˜„

I just updated the criteria section as well, with more updated and clarified info if you're interested.

@jonah the new format, fleshed out details and explanations look great! very much appreciated!πŸ˜„

@blacklight447 Wow, VPN section looks great! I do love Mullvad as well, they really do check all the boxes!

@blacklight447 I love the overhaul! I've been looking for a VPN option and this re-design makes it a lot simpler to understand.

@blacklight447 no nordvpn? I thought it was listed as part of the main 4 In a reddit post.

@Grett the first recommendations where added a long time before most of the current team was involved. With our new criteria, we require VPN companies to be transparent who they work for and partly who they are, nordvpn is owned by a faceless company based in panama, which is why they are not listed, you can look at our recommendations and criteria at the bottem of the page :).

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