@privacytools Hey there, as a new user ourselves we're still trying to find our feet. We're big fans of privacytools.io and the privacy-by-design alternatives they recommend, so if searching online via an independent and privacy focused search engine would be of interest to anyone we'd love for you to check us out! Looking forward to getting more involved on Mastodon! πŸ˜€


@Mojeek @privacytools Your free to open up an issue tracker on our github page to see if we can include you, having you there as part of the conversation about whether mojeek should be added often helps speed up things a lot.

@blacklight447 @privacytools Excellent, thanks for the help. We'll look into doing so!

@blacklight447 @privacytools Just submitted now. Looking forward to see how the discussion goes. πŸ˜€

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