Ive just published my next blog in the Slicing onion series. This one is about how Tor relates to vpns and other tech. And its called: Onion recipes; VPN not required.

I hope you all enjoy it, and be sure to give feedback if you have any :)

@blacklight447 Maybe one should point @torproject to your blog posts in order to push them a bit ;)

@blacklight447 Thank for sharing your work. Have a tremendous week and great weekend. Don Dassinger, central Phoenix Arizona @Dassinger also @Dassinger@Mastodon.technical and now also here; (or other link... new here.) Interested in privacy and preservation and advancement of liberty.

Great post, thanks for spreading the word about this. Another issue not mentioned is that VPNs will mess with Tor's path selection algorithm by hiding information from Tor about a hop you're using. Right now countermeasures for bad paths are pretty basic (no duplicate nodes from same family or /16), but a lot of high profile VPN providers also run relays, which already is enough to be a problem. If AS-aware routing is added to Tor, it gets even worse.

@tga hey there! Glad you liked the article, ill see if i can fit in your feedback :). Btw, if you want to help out with spreading this, you can help by posting it to other places and linking to it. I don't make any money, but I really just want to help people out, and prevent them from hurting themselves by using vpns with Tor, and even paying money for it. Anyhow, thanks for the feedback and the kind words :).

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