Hello everyone!

We at .io recently launched our new forum and we would like to invite you to join it!

It is a place were can all discuss privacy and security related topics, talk about the latest news, and scan over the newest methods to protect your privacy :).

we host the forum ourselves and use the complete opensource software. We are tor friendly, and reachability over an .onion is in the works, join us at !

Thanks for the boosts everyone, your helping us spread the word! :)

@blacklight447 I just joined today, and it seems like a pretty cool place so far. I hope it'll become as active as the Reddit page was, if not more so.

@Mayana you can help by posting and commeting, and spreading the word on to subreddit when you can, the more activity there is on the forum, the more people will join, we can do this:D!

@blacklight447 Thanks, I hope you could add someday this opensource URL Shortener:

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