Over the last 2 years, onion service usability has become a primary feature of Tor Browser. The security and improved usability of onion services are the reason we can run an onion adoption campaign like #MoreOnionsPorfavor.

Read our latest blog post:

I'm an official team member of PrivacyTools now. :)

Whoa, is uMatrix dead? Last release was over a year ago, and looks like the repo is archived. I suspect efforts are solely focused on uBlock Origin now... 🤔



Does anyone know whats going on with Umatrix? The official repo has been archived: github.com/gorhill/uMatrix

Support for v2 onion services will be removed from SecureDrop in February 2021. Journalists and admins, if you see this warning when accessing your SecureDrop, it's time to migrate to v3 onion services:


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Just trying out ( formerly known as Riot) and it looks pretty good, the UI has come a LONG way from the original riot application. Kudos @matthew !

We still exist and we still update the site, we just forget to update this page a lot. Oops!

Yikes, a scary email phishing attempt for this person’s GitHub credentials. Shows how using a browser web extension for your password manager can help detect this by its autofilling.



Very proud of the decision by @Tutanota to be no longer listed on the copperhead OS webpage once they heard about the history of the company. I wish more companies were vigilant like this. Way to go guys!

@switchingsoftware have you thought about listing graphene os next to lineage os on your site, its a security focused android rom which is open source :)

PrivacyTools has updated their DNS page to the new card style!

If you are looking for a DNS providers, this page has all the resources you need:


"Normal web browsing is easy with Tor... once you're in, you can use Tor just as you would any other browser."


Pretty bold move 😆

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Read ‘Why you don’t need a VPN’ - the first post in our blog series ‘VPN Worst Practices’. It covers misleading marketing messages and common misconceptions on what VPNs are useful for. ivpn.net/blog/why-you-dont-nee

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ivpnnet/status/126

So far ive verified 12 people on matrix today. It feels like im starting a new collection, lol.

@matrix ive been verifying multiple people today, and while its a bit on the slow side sometimes, it works really solid and straight forward, great work, you have my compliments :).

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