I cannot stress enough, about recommending against using additional extensions than the ones provided; for the Tor Browser.

Hey @sheogorath im playing around with a new fedora install, do you happen to know of any guide that will help me enable secure boot with it?

Just a reminder folks, if you want to discuss privacy more long-form without signing up for privacy hostile sites like Reddit, come check out our forums! forum.privacytools.io/

We have a very active community and a lot of interesting discussions you'll be interested in 馃槃

Great Blog Series by @blacklight447. Must read for anyone has little or no idea about how tor works and pros and cons of VPNs.


Although I personally prefer @protonvpn when speed is my major concern. And @torproject (with Bridges) when anonymity is my concern. I have to rely on it regularly because my government 馃嚙馃嚛 reguarly censor foreign media & persecute local journalists. These solutions give me freedom.

Made some changes to the blog, from now on, all images are loaded from our selfhosted git.privacytools.io.
This way you don't have to allow connections to github anymore(which is where they were hosted before).

Ive just published my next blog in the Slicing onion series. This one is about how Tor relates to vpns and other tech. And its called: Onion recipes; VPN not required.

I hope you all enjoy it, and be sure to give feedback if you have any :)


As second step, make sure you have a privacy policy and people can find it. It's also about informing people (and it's a legal requirement since GDPR for most services anyway).

Tip: When your privacy policy is longer than 5000 characters you are probably doing something not so private.

I recommend to create a Table that lists all information you process, the places process those data and the implicates by that as well as the reference to the law that makes those things legal.

If anyone is looking for a place to host their Git repositories or mirror any GitHub/GitLab projects, git.privacytools.io/ is now open for registrations! 馃槃

If any instance admins know how to get "federation with hidden services" up and working uh... don't hesitate to tell me how to do that myself 馃槄

Privacytools on Reddit has 43,000 subscribers. Privacytools on Mastadon has 763 members and just over 300 followers. We need to reverse those numbers!

Tor Browser :tor: 8.5 released, comes with first stable version for Android:


鈥 based on FF 60.7.0esr
鈥 updates for Torbutton, HTTPS Everywhere, OpenSSL, Tor Launcher
鈥 fixes dozens of bugs

#tor #torbrowser #webbrowser #anonymity #privacy #android #torbrowser85

We've got big news.

After months of work, Tor Browser is now stable on Android.

Tor Browser 8.5 brings the highest degree of privacy and censorship-circumvention available to Android users. blog.torproject.org/new-releas

馃帀 #FirstToot 馃帀

#CodiMD is a real-time, multi-platform collaborative markdown editor that can be used on desktop, tablet, or mobile!

There's a night mode to save your eyes as well as fine-grained permissions so you can decide how much access (if any) others have to your notes 馃槈

There are multiple editor modes as well; #Vim, #Emacs, and #Sublime are available at the click of a button!

Check out our demo below and take a look at the rest of the amazing features!

I just published a new blog post! It is the first in my series where I cover Tor. It is called "Slicing onions", hang tight because there is much more on the way!

Url: write.privacytools.io/my-thoug

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