I am extremely happy that @matrixdotorg@twitter.com has responded to the community's concerns and have put in a lot of effort to make Synapse and Riot a more privacy friendly place πŸ˜„ β€” Very glad to recommend them again for group chats on privacytools.io: github.com/privacytoolsIO/priv

Hi Fediverse πŸ‘‹

this is for everyone interested in supporting switching.software πŸ™‚

Here is my proposal on how to reorganize and improve the codebase of the website:


I would really appreciate your feedback - comment right here or on the issue πŸ—¨οΈ

Also, who would like to join the effort? And don't worry, we will figure out the "how" together - soon after the proposal is community-approved 😁

Encryption threatens the β€œlives and the safety of our children" say UK minister

"Won't somebody think of the childern!!!!"

Yeah, lets ban cars as well, they can be used for child trafficking! /s

Hi Fediverse πŸ‘‹

it's @tobias here, broadcasting via this new fediverse account representing (formerly) #switchingsocial πŸŽ‰

Please follow, dm and @ this account for everything related to the English version ... as @swisode wants to write German posts again 😁

It's been one week since the #shutdown. There hasn't been any news from the original author yet. So, I believe, it's on us to keep this project alive.

Please stay tuned as I'll ask for support here - after some more preparations. πŸ’»

There's a new alpha release of Tor Browser out now.

Tor Browser 9.0a7 is the second alpha release based on Firefox ESR68. It includes new features and fixes you can help us test including the addition of the Snowflake pluggable transport on Windows ❄️

Look at that, it seems like @infosechandbook was so kind to give us a shout out in their monthly review: infosec-handbook.eu/blog/2019-

Thank you guys, your awesome!

We integrated UX research into digital security trainings. We now proudly have a software development cycle that puts users first and respects privacy.

In 2017-19, we reached ~800 people in person, including #humanrights defenders, journalists, and political activists.

"By cross-referencing just one hour of video footage from public webcams with Instagram stories taken and shared in Times Square, BuzzFeed News was able to confirm the real names and identities of a half dozen people."
.onion: bfnews3u2ox4m4ty.onion/article

Did you know that you can support our work at by donating a weekly 0.01 on librapay? All money will go to help us pay for the server costs! We even love the smallest of donations as more differse funding means that we can stay more independent :).

If you like our work and want to support our job to spread privacy friendly alternatives, please consider donating: liberapay.com/privacytools.io/

P.S. if you want donate via crypto, look here

We've got a new release: Tor

This alpha release adds new defenses for denial-of-service attacks against onion services. It also includes numerous kinds of bugfixes and refactoring to help improve Tor's stability and ease of development. blog.torproject.org/new-alpha-

As people seems to have enjoyed the last picture, here is another one, shot on my pixel 3a Running Graphene OS with the OpenCamera app from the F-droid store.

Maybe you didn't know, but I run an IRC network called MadIRC.

It seems like it got quite famous among Tor users since we allow completely anonymous access via onion addresses.

Today I had to rework the channel ranks of the main darknet channel "#elite" after quite some abuse of power. Of course, the abusers are unhappy with this situation and declared it the end of the channel.

Feel free to prove them wrong:

Website: madirc.net
Tor direct tor web access: tor.madirc.net

10 years ago I started using ad blockers because I thought ads were annoying. Now I think that's the _least_ important reason to use them.

I think we should call them "browser firewalls." That more accurately describes their purpose.

The surveillance state is growing.

A new project by @eff and the University of Nevada allows you to explore a map of where known cell-site simulators, smart street lights, and mobile biometric technology have been deployed.

We also have plans to update the about config and fingerprinting section on this page, for this we will be collaborating with thorin-oakenpants from ghacks.js project.

Dear PTIO community: after quite some work in the last few days, we are proud to show you our new browser recommendations! We now list recommendations for desktop Android and iOS!

See for yourself:privacytools.io/browsers/#brow

Greetings, the PTIO team

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