@one @one while I agree that it may not solve anything immediately, I do think the critical dialogue of mainstream products makes people realize there may be something better (if they didn’t know about the alternative already). And criticism can lead to a platform improving if there is enough of it.

But, criticism can just turn into an unproductive, passionate loathing for a platform and that doesn’t help anyone and most of the time that is what it is.

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@bin_sh It's sad how hard it is to simply get some privacy these days. You need a rocket science degree and some rare special phone from India to be able to get a custom OS it seems.

Maybe one day companies will get their heads out of their asses and stop being so money hungry charging us so much money for a device that invades our privacy. Those devices are being charged so much in profit to scam people.

Apple once cared for being affordable, but Steve Jobs died so they took over.

Great tool for detecting ARP poisoning, a common MITM attack:


I have not yet found a working tool for ARP poisoning alerting for MacOS, other than this.

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