the government or private customers can, at any time, request a view of anything on the planet that's visible from the sky.

"We Hacked Apple for 3 Months: Here’s What We Found"
Detailed exploits and process to find it, great article

"Privileged Container in Docker Is a Bad Idea", therefore add an user to the docker group gives it root privilege escalation potential (?)

run macOS software directly on Linux without using a hardware emulator:

Hi everybody, I'm trying out Brave browser and the tokenized reward program which aim to switch the online advertising economy.
They generated me a referral link, feel free to use it:

"Connection not secure" everywhere on firefox 70.0.1 although it's https protocol.
It's a pacman install.
I reinitialized firefox, reboot several time my computer.
My clock is on the right time.
System is up-to-date.
The certificate doesn't even show up like it would be for an non encrypted http connection.

This happens only on firefox, brave and the native browser are working fine.

Someone to help me understand what's going on here? :s

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