the government or private customers can, at any time, request a view of anything on the planet that's visible from the sky.

@Wetrix An usual day in an usual world. Better be up-to-date and aware of the privacy situation, but it's not the most frightening thing out there so relax 👍

@bidetaggle what do you think is worse than worldwide corporate surveillance?

We're living cyberpunk at this point it's not even fiction anymore.

@Wetrix Yeah we're living in all described distopia from the well-known Sci-fi movies and literature.

@bidetaggle it’s pretty crazy that the world has gotten to this point that’s for sure. There's no going back so the best we can do is try and mitigate it.

@Wetrix Own your devices! Go open source and learn more and more.
And for the streets, we got our mask on.
Soon our cities will look like the last watch dog video-game then better be ready 😁

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