"Connection not secure" everywhere on firefox 70.0.1 although it's https protocol.
It's a pacman install.
I reinitialized firefox, reboot several time my computer.
My clock is on the right time.
System is up-to-date.
The certificate doesn't even show up like it would be for an non encrypted http connection.

This happens only on firefox, brave and the native browser are working fine.

Someone to help me understand what's going on here? :s

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@bidetaggle Do you use any DNS or possibly have something that would be getting in the way of your secure connection?

This can happen if your traffic is being monitored or changed.

Make sure your device is free from any virus as well.

If you have custom network settings such as a DNS or VPN on, turn it all off amd try to visit the websites.

@glitcher32 Thanks for your reply. An new update has been released this morning and it fixed it.
I'm actually wary about my computer and network security, at a paranoia level.
If you have any suggestion to check for virus on Arch Linux, I take it :)

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