anyone have any experience with they look pretty nice and come preinstalled with your distro of choice...

@shane the same applies for Signal, they can change the servers too. You also rely on server admins, most of them volunteers, to put additional resources. I don't see Signal's approach as a single point of failure as they are already using a cluster of servers, while XMPP servers (at least Prosody) lack this feature AFAIK. If anything, I find the crowdfunded approach of community proxy servers more resilient. My point is, decentralisation is good, but in this case it wouldn't help.

@shane I'm curious to how a decentralised server approach would help. How would Iran blocking e.g. XMPP server in the decentralised Jabber community be resolved for users? Moving to another server thus changing ID would only temporarily solve the problem, until Iran blocked the next one. Am I missing something?

Today I learned during an unexpected photo shoot that black swans exist, and also, they want to fuck you up as much as regular ones do. #murderousintent

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